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Reduce dependence on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Take advantage of low-cost WAN links like broadband and fiber and reduce WAN costs with the Meraki MX appliances.

Advanced analytics

Full visibility into key factors that influences how the user perceive business-critical resources, that way you can identify fallbacks and their source in minutes.

Natively secure SD-WAN

Natively integrated advanced security that includes next-generation layer-7 firewall, Cisco AMP with Threat Grid, Cisco SNORT IDS/IPS, cloud security with Cisco Umbrella SIG, and content filtering—to confidently allow direct Internet access.

Maximize user experience

Cisco Meraki SD-WAN delivers end-to-end visibility through advanced analytics with machine learning and smart path selection to assure experience for business-critical applications no matter where they are hosted.

Unified management platform

Wireless, switching, security, cellular, end-point management, and smart security cameras integrated into a single intuitive and centralized platform

The simplest SD-WAN available

With true zero-touch provisioning that allows the quickest and simplest way for organizations to significantly reduce their total WAN costs and deliver the desired level of performance for VoIP.

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