Imagine having a single solution that gives you everything you need to run your business efficiently and securely. A solution that lets you save money, simplify your IT, and protect your data. A solution that is more than just a suite of applications. That solution is Microsoft 365.

Do More with Less

Discover with Ctelecoms how Microsoft's creative solutions can transform your work, helping you achieve more with less.
Our Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise plans are flexible and tailored to meet the unique needs of your team, making them a perfect fit for any company in Saudi Arabia. By investing in Microsoft 365 through Ctelecoms, you're not just future-proofing your business; you're unlocking a world of possibilities for efficiency and growth.
Eliminate redundancy
Cut licensing costs by more than 60 percent per user compared to a patchwork of point solutions through consolidation using Microsoft 365.
Simplify management
Automate system updates and help reduce IT management costs by up to 40 percent2 and time spent on device management by as much as 25 percent.
Protect workers
Enable a Zero Trust security model to reduce data breach risk by as much as 50 percent3 and overall IAM security management time by as much as 50 percent.
of executives say their digital ecosystem of individual digital applications and tools used by employees has a negative financial impact on their organization.
believe their organization won’t understand the true cost of these individual applications and tools until they settle on a post-pandemic business process and workforce model.
Microsoft 365 allows you to Do More with Less
Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive suite of productivity and collaboration apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and SharePoint. It also allows organizations to save money by consolidating their IT solution stack and replacing third-party security and identity applications with Microsoft’s own solutions. 
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Why Microsoft 365 from Ctelecoms?
- Exceptional level of expertise and commitment to help businesses in KSA increase efficiencies and reduce costs.
- Excellent implementation, support, management and integration of all Microsoft technologies.
- A vision to empower individuals and organizations in Saudi Arabia via world-class, cost-effective Microsoft cloud solutions.
How Microsoft 365 improves productivity
In the world of business, time is a precious commodity. Microsoft's’ "Do More with Less" approach is all about boosting productivity without adding complexity. 
With Ctelecoms, you can get Microsoft 365, the complete solution that offers you productivity tools, collaboration services, security features, and cloud storage.
• Collaborate with Microsoft 365 and Teams: Use productivity tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. Chat, call, meet, share files, and co-create in real time.
• Learn with Viva Learning and Topics: Access learning content from various sources in Teams. Get relevant topics from your organization’s content in Teams.
Improve collaboration
When all apps are on one platform, it’s easier for coworkers to communicate and collaborate. They can see each other’s feedback in real-time, tag colleagues in documents, and avoid version control issues. Employees can contribute to the same online whiteboard during a virtual brainstorm while projects, chats, meetings, and collaboration become seamless.
of executives agree that it’s important that the digital applications and tools employees use seamlessly interact with one another.
of knowledge workers still collaborate on documents using email.
Improve security and reduce your bottom line
In an increasingly intricate IT landscape, ensuring security has risen to paramount importance. As novel technologies are swiftly embraced and the demand for facilitating hybrid work rises, managing security threats has emerged as a significant challenge for IT. The act of employees unintentionally introducing security vulnerabilities through app downloads to enhance productivity has been observed. The consolidation of applications onto a unified platform presents a viable solution to alleviate these potential risks.
- Improve visibility across identities and endpoints
- Keep your devices safe wherever they are, across platforms.
- Secure access across your multifaceted digital landscape and the connected world.
- Protect against breaches with deeply integrated solutions that secure identities, devices apps and data. 
Study shows that a percentage of global IT decision makers believe employees increase security breach risk by engaging in careless handling of sensitive data:
letting others use their work devices.
downloading software to do their jobs that is not approve by IT.
using personal devices for work.