Fortify Your Defenses - Automate Threat Containment with Cisco ISE
Know and control devices and users on your network

Secure your network from the inside out

Cisco ISE is a network management solution that controls network access. It authenticates users across wired, wireless, and VPN connections, and can handle millions of endpoints. Cisco ISE also helps set and apply security and access policies for devices connected to network administrator devices. The main aim is to simplify identity management for different devices and applications.
Cisco ISE is your gateway to implementing a robust Zero Trust architecture, redefining how you secure your network.
ISE allows only trusted users and devices access to resources on your network. It also uses intel to automatically identify, classify and profile devices.
Cisco ISE maintains a detailed history of all connected endpoints and their users, allowing you to create profiles, reports, and dashboards. This comprehensive view empowers you with insights into your network endpoints and their behavior.
Cisco ISE integrates with your existing security tools and platforms to automatically detect and contain threats on your network. Cisco ISE can also use intel from across your stack to block malicious access, quarantine infected devices, and notify the appropriate teams.
With Cisco ISE, organizations are confidently moving from a point solution approach that only solves for a single, immediate “compliance task”, to a zero-trust policy enforcement platform that is aligned to strategic business objectives and will handle what’s now, and what’s next, in the self-managed infrastructure.
Know who you're dealing with
Build profiles of users, locations, and access types by compiling data needed to deliver precise control over which endpoints and users can access your network.
Access control is in your hands
Set up and secure connections with virtual LAN (VLAN) assignments, Access Control Lists (dACLs), URL redirects, and named ACLs, all designed to undermine unwanted connections quickly and easily.
Make a stand
Verify your device posture with ISE 3.x and see how easily it complies with your security policy. ISE works to protect your network, data, and resources from hostile attacks.
Onboard effortlessly every time
Reduce tickets for your help desk and deliver a better user experience by empowering users to add and manage their own devices through self-service portals, such as SAML 2.0.
Zero-Trust Architecture
Cisco ISE is the policy decision point for zero-trust architecture, which means it verifies the identity and posture of every user and device before granting access to your network resources. 
Deploy Cisco ISE in the Cloud
Cisco ISE supports hybrid deployments, allowing you to host it in various clouds like Microsoft Azure and on-premises, tailoring your network access security to different scenarios. This brings operational efficiency and cost savings to the forefront.
Cisco ISE for Automated Threat Containment offers proactive defense, turning your network into a proactive defender that automatically responds to threats before they escalate.