Email is Still the Most Common Way for Hackers to Infiltrate your Network and Steal your Data.
That’s why you need a robust and reliable email security solution that can detect and stop these threats before they reach your inbox. 

Avoid Threat Attacks and Keep your Email Safe

with Cisco Secure Email

Cisco Email Security is a comprehensive solution that protects your email from phishing, ransomware, spoofing, and more. It also provides encryption, data loss prevention, and advanced malware analysis. You can choose from different deployment options, such as cloud-based, hybrid, or appliance-based, to suit your needs and preferences
Email security is a crucial issue for both individuals and businesses, as email is the most common way for hackers to launch cyberattacks. 
  According to various sources:
- 94% of malware comes via email.
- 96% of phishing attacks use email.
- Companies lost $215 million in 2014 to phishing.
- Whaling attacks on finance teams up 200% in 2017.
- One whaling attack costs $47 million for a business.
- Phishing attacks rose 667% since pandemic began.
- 83% of organizations faced phishing attacks in 2021.
- 40 million high-risk email threats in 2022.
Data breach costs over $4 million on average.
How to close the security gaps in Microsoft 365 email cloud with Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense
A study found that Microsoft 365 missed 34% of phishing emails!! 
As a business owner, you may not be aware of the security gaps in Microsoft 365 email cloud that cybercriminals are taking advantage of. This poses a serious challenge for any business, including yours. We are here to help you safeguard your assets, clients, and employees from various attacks such as phishing, scamming, data breaches, and account takeovers.
Cisco Email Security offers you four different options to suit your needs and preferences: 
Cloud, Virtual, On-Premises, or Hybrid.
With Cisco Secure Email in the cloud, you get flexible email security for less. It offers high availability, protection, and reporting with dedicated deployments in resilient data centers. You can easily access and manage the cloud infrastructure.
Cisco Secure Email Virtual Appliance reduces email security costs, especially for distributed networks. It lets your network manager create instances as needed, using your network infrastructure.
Cisco Secure Email Appliance is a gateway outside the firewall. It directs, filters, and redelivers incoming and outgoing SMTP traffic according to your mail exchange records.
The hybrid solution gives you flexibility. You can mix deployment options. For example, you can secure incoming messages with Cisco Secure Email in the cloud and manage outbound messages onsite. You can also get inbound protection on-premises and in the cloud as you switch to the cloud.
Cisco Email Security is your shield against cyber-attacks that happen through emails!

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