Cisco Secure Email
The most comprehensive protection against advanced email threats that compromise an organization’s brand and operations

Advanced protection to safeguard your inboxes

Email is still the No. 1 threat vector. Expand the scope of your defenses to detect dangerous threats and rapidly respond to and remediate new threats in real time.
If you are a business owner or an organization leader in Saudi Arabia, you know how challenging it is to keep your email secure from threats such as spam, malware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), phishing, ransomware, and more. These threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, which means you need to be able to detect and respond to them quickly and effectively.
Phishing Attack
Although phishing is one of the oldest types of cyberattacks, dating back to the 1990s, it is still one of the most widespread and pernicious, with phishing messages and techniques becoming increasingly sophisticated.
Phishing scams often come in the guise of email messages designed to appear as though they are from legitimate sources. 
Whaling attack
It’s a form of email phishing used by attackers by sending an email to the CEO pretends to be someone senior or influential at the organization, such as a board member, a partner, or a legal representative. A whaling attack can also be sent to employees pretending to be from the CEO, and tries to trick the target into revealing sensitive information, transferring money, or granting access to their computer systems
Email security is a crucial issue for both individuals and businesses, as email is the most common way for hackers to launch cyberattacks.
- 94% of malware comes via email.
- 96% of phishing attacks use email.
- One whaling attack costs $47 million for a business.
- Phishing attacks rose 667% since pandemic began.
Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense 
- For Microsoft 365 email users -
If you’re using Microsoft 365 email, you might think that you’re covered by its native security features! However, the truth is that Microsoft 365’s security is not enough to protect your organization from the daily evolving and sophisticated email threats. 

That’s why all business owners need Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense, the complete email security solution that enhances Microsoft 365’s native security and stops email threats before they reach your employees.
Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service
Traditional email is not truly secure
Despite the rise in text messaging, instant messaging, and social networking, email continues to be the predominant business collaboration tool. The unsecured nature of email, however, exposes sensitive information to malicious attacks. The Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service (formerly Cisco Registered Envelope Service) provides enhanced security and reliable controls for traditional email tools. It is fully integrated into most common email technologies and into a user's daily email routine.
Cisco Email Security offers you four different options to suit your needs and preferences:
Cloud, Virtual, On-Premises, or Hybrid.
With Cisco Secure Email in the cloud, you get flexible email security for less. It offers high availability, protection, and reporting with dedicated deployments in resilient data centers. You can easily access and manage the cloud infrastructure.
Cisco Secure Email Virtual Appliance reduces email security costs, especially for distributed networks. It lets your network manager create instances as needed, using your network infrastructure.
Cisco Secure Email Appliance is a gateway outside the firewall. It directs, filters, and redelivers incoming and outgoing SMTP traffic according to your mail exchange records.
The hybrid solution gives you flexibility. You can mix deployment options. For example, you can secure incoming messages with Cisco Secure Email in the cloud and manage outbound messages onsite. You can also get inbound protection on-premises and in the cloud as you switch to the cloud.
STOP and DETECT email threats before they reach your employees’ inbox.