Dell PowerScale OneFS
The brain behind a super-smart storage system to store your data without limits

PowerScale OneFS 
is ideal for all your file workloads

Dell PowerScale OneFS is an advanced storage solution that combines scalability, automation, and security. It empowers organizations to manage massive amounts of data effortlessly, unifying it into a single, self-managing platform.
Today, many different businesses are receiving an increasing amount of information daily. Hospitals acquire data from medical scans, patient health records, and radiology images. Banks gather extensive information from old records, financial transactions, data archives, and shared files. Oil and gas enterprises systematically collect and analyze data from aerial sensors and high-resolution videography to guide their operations. Media companies handle a wide range of data, including content creation, new photos, and movies.
All these data need a huge digital storage space that never gets full, that can keep up with all this new information coming in. They need a place where they can keep everything safe and easy to find, no matter how much data they have.
OneFS: A Powerful and Scalable Solution for Data Management
OneFS is designed to empower the people who manage storage systems. It provides a robust platform for handling large-scale data, files, and workloads.
With OneFS, you can efficiently manage petabytes of data. Whether it’s structured or unstructured, OneFS ensures seamless scalability.
OneFS allows you to operate with a small, agile team. It automates many tasks, reducing the need for extensive manpower.
OneFS takes care of its own health. It self-heals by recovering from failures automatically. Additionally, it’s self-managing, reducing administrative overhead.
By offloading storage management tasks to OneFS, your team can focus on business goals rather than routine maintenance.
Dell PowerScale OneFS is a smart storage system that takes care of the heavy lifting for you. It automatically detects and corrects issues, fixes drive failures by moving data to healthy drives, balances data across nodes, optimizes performance, and maintains system health, saving you time and effort.
10 Reasons why PowerScale OneFS is ideal for all your file workloads
 One pool of storage from 3 to 252 nodes and up to 186 PB raw capacity 
Up to 80% storage efficiency for lower costs. Thank you OneFS
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Simplify your cloud experience with file storage that you know and trust
2,000+ healthcare customers, 1,900+ financial firms,  and 8/10 top biotechs
The world's most secure scale-out NAS offers 6x9s availability
Simultaneous multi-protocol access
Edge, core, cloud deployment flexibility
250+ industry app integrations and certifications
A complete, interconnected portfolio
Discover how you can innovate with data
Dell PowerScale OneFS is a storage solution that helps organizations manage the vast amounts of unstructured data they generate. It’s designed to be highly available and protect data. OneFS provides a unified file system with integrated data protection, making it easier to handle large-scale data without adding complexity.
 As your data grows, OneFS grows with you, ensuring that your storage infrastructure can handle an ever-increasing amount of data without reaching capacity limits.
Simplicity at any scale
Add nodes in 60 seconds.
Auto-discover, auto-balance.
Migration-free design.
Any data anywhere 
Flexible file and object access.
Software-defined architecture.
Extends to edge and cloud
Intelligent insights
Integrate with your applications
Accelerate AI/ML with NVIDIA
Infrastructure and data insights
With OneFS, you can manage petabytes of data, countless files, and critical workloads, empowering you and your team to manage your storage infrastructure with minimal effort and maximum results.
Why choose Dell PowerScale for AI?
The recent improvements in PowerScale OneFS software allow companies to perform AI-related tasks more efficiently. 
Here’s what it means:
Preparation: Companies can get their AI models ready faster.
Training: The process of teaching AI models is speeded up.
Fine-tuning: Adjusting and optimizing AI models becomes quicker.
Inference: Using AI models for predictions and decision-making is now more rapid.
Dell PowerScale OneFS boasts a massive storage capacity, ranging from tens of terabytes to tens of petabytes, and supports individual files up to 16 TB in size1. With each additional node, it scales up seamlessly, increasing disk, cache, CPU, and network capacity.
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