Why Wait for Tomorrow? Cisco Meraki SASE Journey Begins Now!

Streamlining your IT for a secure, efficient future

Cisco SASE simplifies IT by converging networking (Meraki SD-WAN) and security capabilities - including secure web gateway, cloud access security broker, zero trust network access, multi-factor authentication, and more - into a simple, cloud-managed solution. This can reduce the number of vendors and solutions you need to manage.
IT teams are under more pressure than ever before to keep their organizations secure, reduce operational costs, and make things simpler to manage. But it's not easy when:
Applications extend across multiple clouds.
Workforces and workspaces are hyper-distributed under hybrid work models.
IT teams must rely on a patchwork of point solutions from many vendors.
of IT teams say that remote workers are harder to secure.
of organizations are having problems connecting workers to company resources.
of IT leaders agree or strongly agree that managing a multi-vendor networking and security stack is too complex.
By 2025, at least 60% of enterprises will have explicit strategies and timelines for SASE adoption encompassing user, branch, and edge access.
of companies interested in SASE will start with security, 31% will start with the network, and 21% plan to address security and networking simultaneously.
of organizations are prioritizing solutions and services that provide integrated, cloud-based management of SD-WAN.
With many people working anywhere, on any device—at home, on the go, at the branch or campus offices—networking and security teams must:
Security teams
Achieve a consistent approach to security, anywhere users work, with simpler solutions that ensure a seamless experience and eliminate gaps in coverage. 
Increase security efficacy and mitigate the cyber risk posed by an expanding attack surface and vectors to assure regulatory compliance, by adopting new security models such as Zero Trust. 
Reduce complexity and the risk of human error as security stacks evolve to support faster adoption of cloud infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS)
Network operations teams
Support an excellent hybrid workforce experience by ensuring optimal connectivity to any cloud and improving control of, and visibility into, the complete service delivery chain. 
Resolve network performance issues driven by soaring Internet traffic and new traffic patterns that create bottlenecks in legacy network topologies and result in a poor user experience. 
Reduce operational costs associated with providing secure connectivity between complex IT environments (public, private, and hybrid clouds), using SD-WAN with end-to-end traffic modelling for optimal routing.
Security and networking teams can’t handle these challenges alone. They’ve got to come together to: 
Control costs
Simplify operations
Keep their organization secure
Our Key Offerings:
Meraki Umbrella SD-WAN Connector: 
The Meraki MX appliance integrates with Umbrella for easy cloud security deployment, offering dynamic policies, intelligent path selection, and unified security with DNS security, intelligent proxy, or web traffic visibility.
Cisco Meraki SD-WAN: 
The Meraki MX is a cloud-managed SD-WAN appliance that simplifies installation and management, ideal for distributed sites.
Cisco Umbrella: 
A cloud-native security solution that combines DNS security, secure web gateway, firewall, malware protection, and more for resilient and high-performance connections.
Cisco Secure Access by Duo: 
An application that secures access to on-premises and cloud applications with MFA and user access policies, enhancing visibility and verifying security at every access point.
Visibility by ThousandEyes: 
ThousandEyes provides visibility and performance assurance for transport layers, offering insights into network issues for prompt resolution and connectivity.
Be ready for SD-WAN
Gain secure, optimized connectivity to cloud applications with segmentation, application optimization, and Cloud OnRamp connectivity. Cisco SD-WAN delivers a carrier-grade solution for predictable application experience, with one user interface for security and connectivity across the branch, cloud, and colocation facility. 
Consider SASE as an ongoing adventure to a more secure and streamlined network. It’s not a single choice, but a series of steps that lead you to better protection. The earlier you start, the faster you’ll strengthen your network’s security. It’s a path worth taking, and Ctelecoms is here to guide you every step of the way!