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Simplifying cloud migration and modernization journey with Microsoft Azure

According to Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation emphasizes upgrading company infrastructure, particularly through cloud adoption. If you’re an IT manager still relying on on-premises servers, don’t wait—time is running out! Ensure the safety and security of your business data by migrating your data and applications to the Cloud
Top 10 cloud migration considerations
1. Cloud migration is an opportunity to reduce technical debt.
2. A revisited business case is key to cloud migration success.
3. Organizational change management is crucial for cloud strategy.
4. Approval processes should match the speed of cloud innovation to avoid delays.
5. Data migration is essential; apps can’t move without their data.
6. Complex apps might need a lift-and-shift first; portfolio analysis can guide this decision.
7. Cloud-smart is the new cloud-first; not all belongs in the public cloud initially.
8. Workload portability needs a mix of cloud-native and agnostic approaches.
9. Small wins keep stakeholders engaged; patience is a virtue.
10. Cost optimization tools for the cloud aid in effective rightsizing.
of organizations will embrace a
cloud-first approach by 2025.
of respondents in a 2021 IDC survey noted that their organization had modernized more than half of its legacy applications - up from 65% in 2020.
Digital transformation is a priority for enterprises looking to increase business agility by automating operations, delivering rich customer experiences, and launching new products and services. Today, building and sustaining a competitive advantage is linked not to size or strength but to the ability to change — to move quickly, adapt, and seize opportunities.
To be successful, organizations need to modernize the applications that their business depends on. The process replaces older technology stacks with cloud-native ones, which enable applications to be more scalable, fault-tolerant, and secure than their traditional counterparts.
The business benefits of cloud 
The inherent properties of cloud, including elasticity, high availability, security, scalability, and more, open a multitude of benefits for organizations. These benefits offer you ways to create significant business advantages while accelerating digital transformation initiatives.
Customers that adopt Microsoft Azure can improve:
Cut costs by moving from a fixed capital expenditure model to a variable operational expenditure model, paying only for what you use.
Enhance security across the board with industry-leading, multilayered protection, ensuring data and applications are safe without interrupting operations.
Unify data sources for deeper insights into customers, products, and services.
Speed up innovation to deliver new offerings and improvements to customers more quickly.
Scale easily to meet customer demand without overburdening teams or budgets.
Strengthen business continuity with robust disaster recovery and backup strategies.
Migrate flexibly with tools that streamline cloud and on-premises IT management.
Boost efficiency and appeal to customers and employees with modernized apps and infrastructure.
Track IT carbon emissions to advance your organization’s sustainability efforts.
Optimize and right-size storage based on application requirements
• Azure Disk Storage provides block storage for a wide range of workloads, and shared disks for high availability.
• Azure Files deliver scalability and highly available file storage.
• Azure NetApp Files provide high performance file storage and built in snapshot backup.
Attach Azure security services to protect everywhere
• Secure and protect resources across the three major cloud providers and hybrid environments in one place.
• Detect vulnerabilities and threats to protect against malicious attacks.
• Ensure secure and compliant configuration of cloud resources.
Optimize with full-stack monitoring across apps & infrastructure
• Monitoring is just there and works across Azure & Edge.
• Enterprise-ready for mission-critical scenarios.
• Ability to observe at any level and across the stack.
• Open and extensible platform for innovation.
Ensure optimal connectivity and security for apps during migration with Azure networking services
• Run your business on the best performing cloud network that supports thousands of industry-leading enterprises.
• Protect your apps, virtual networks, and workloads with multi-layered, Zero Trust-based security capabilities.
• Build modern apps and deploy quickly using your choice of networking capabilities available as-a-service.
Solving today’s top industry challenges with cloud
Beyond the most common use cases, organizations across all industries are using cloud to not only advance their digital transformation strategies, but also solve industry-specific challenges. 
Business Value Highlights
-    391% three-year return on investment (ROI)
-    37% lower three-year cost of operations
-    16% lower infrastructure costs
-    53% more efficient IT infrastructure teams
-    87% faster deployment of IT resources
-    46% higher developer productivity
-    86% less unplanned downtime
Invest in AI transformation today
The world is changing, with new forces driving innovation every single today. One of the innovations on everyone’s mind is artificial intelligence (AI) and what it means for the future. However, AI is already here; in the near future, all apps will be AI apps, giving businesses the security, agility, and velocity required to scale and transform.
Microsoft is leading the platform shift in the era of AI. Using the Microsoft Cloud to help harness the power of AI can help you drive value faster and shape the future of your business. By working with a trusted cloud provider like Microsoft, you’ll get built-in AI that can help you differentiate from the competition and radically accelerate your organization’s productivity.
Azure provides a comprehensive and multi-layered security platform 
From foundational security of the Azure platform to cloud-native protection for core workloadsInsert your text here
Defender for Cloud
Integrated security and smart threat defense for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
AI-driven Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Azure Network Security
Cloud-native network security based on Zero Trust

Confidential Computing
Protect data in use
and enable multi-party data analytics

Unique database security monitoring for your cloud SQL
GitHub Advanced Security
Integration with features that secure app code and dependencies with GitHub
Migrating to the cloud is just the beginning. As you begin your journey to the cloud, you can take advantage of additional cloud capabilities that yield value in other areas