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Exciting News for Office 365 Enterprise Users! | Ctelecoms Blog

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The general availability of Microsoft Workplace Analytics has been a terrific news for all Office 365 enterprise plan subscribers now that a powerful new organizational analytics solution is delivered.

Workplace Analytics provides unprecedented behavioral insights that can be used to help Office 365 enterprise users improve productivity, workforce effectiveness and employee engagement.

Powerful insights into Business

Workplace Analytics taps into Office 365 email and calendar metadata, including to/from data, subject lines and timestamps, to shine a light on how the organization collaborates and spends time. It turns this digital exhaust into a set of behavioral metrics that can be used to understand what’s going on in an organization.

Also Microsoft has enabled Workplace Analytics with built-in privacy and compliance capabilities, adding the flexibility needed to address a broad range of strategic and organizational culture-based initiatives.

Benefits of Workplace Analytics:

Workplace Analytics enables Office 365 enterprise users to diver deeply into:

Sales productivity

Use Workplace Analytics to identify the collaborative patterns of top performers and scale those behaviors to the broader sales organization. For example, you can get insights into the amount of time spent with customers, the size of the person’s internal network This can result in a significant increase in sales as it may be an indicator of the salesperson’s ability to get answers and solve customer questions.

Manager effectiveness

Microsoft Workplace Analytics empowers you to drive a cultural change with managers. In looking at how time-usage metrics are related to engagement and retention, Workplace Analytics can measure behaviors, such as 1:1 manager time, level of leadership exposure given to employees and the degree to which work can be distributed evenly across an organization.

Space planning

The collaboration insights from Workplace Analytics can be used to analyze the metadata attached to employee calendar items to calculate the travel time associated with meetings. This can help each employee better understand and control the amount of time spent on meetings.

Customized queries

Microsoft has included the ability to create custom queries directly within Workplace Analytics. Data analysts can choose from a unique set of collaboration metrics to explore activities and trends within the business, including time spent in email, time in meetings, after-hours time and network size. Analysts can also create custom queries and filter to aggregated population subsets including regions, roles and functions.

Building a digital, data-driven enterprise

Workplace Analytics is designed to yield significant insights and to help organizations empower and connect their employees across people, processes, data and systems. This enables businesses to become a true digital, data-driven enterprise. It also offers them the ability to identify the qualities of top-performing managers, and thus push everyone to accomplish more at work.

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