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Give your Network an edge today and tomorrow with our reliable structured cabling solutions.
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Datacenter Cabling Solutions

Top-class Cabling Project Management
Give your Network an edge today and tomorrow with our reliable structured cabling solutions.
Give your Network an edge today and tomorrow with our reliable structured cabling solutions.
Behind every reliable network, you'll find good cabling. Voice and data cables are essential to the communication infrastructure of every organization, and a well-structured cabling solution is vital not only for the quality of your business's internal and external communications, but also for supporting your datacenter management, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Avoid The Spaghetti Cabling Nightmare!

When it comes to food, we all love a big plate of spaghetti, but when it comes to IT, everybody hates when network or data center cabling becomes so tangled that it looks like spaghetti. Preventing your network from being confused with spaghetti takes careful planning and maintenance. Spaghetti cabling is one of the major problems that we have solved for many businesses and organizations across Saudi Arabia. Here are the top reasons why every IT administrator should avoid the cable spaghetti problem:

#1 Datacenter Safety

Spaghetti cabling is an accident waiting to happen, whether it’s from power generator parts or your datacenter server cabinets. The sudden pull of a plug is not just a danger to your assets and cable racks; it could potentially cause serious damage to your valuable IT assets, which results in costly downtime. Tripping over cables can result in significant harm that could have easily been prevented by cable or wire concealers. Your first move to avoid cable spaghetti should be to use the correct length of cable, which will make it more secure and easier to manage.

#2 Datacenter Upgrades & Troubleshooting

The fact that your congested cables cannot be easily traced will dramatically complicate and slow down the upgrade, movement and troubleshooting process of any of your datacentre components. Consider the time you would waste to untangle cables and find the ones you need. Do you have those hours, even days, to spare? Working efficiently is your goal, but you’re just wasting time and money if you can’t easily access your technologies because of cable issues. Cable ties, for example, are a viable solution as they can be used for any application where you’re structuring a cable network. They organize cables by bundling and fastening them together.

 #3 Datacenter Cable Costs & Downtime

When cables are left unsecured and unsupported, they can be easily damaged. Network cables have delicate components, and when left hanging on the floor or stretched too far, they are going to get damaged and end up costing you. When this happens, you’re looking at significant downtime. Employees are unable to work and the person who needs to track down the broken cables is caught up in one big tangle, and that’s before you even get to the costs of repairing or replacing those cables. A good quality network rack and cable management system can prevent a lot of potential cabling problems.

#4 Interference and Crosstalk

IT professionals know that power cables should be separated from data cables to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). A strong network rack that allows you to separate power and data cables on each side will minimize EMI.

#5 Component Blocked by Poorly Routed Cabling

It is crucial that you are able to access your server and other network components and that you do not have to dig through cabling to get to them. Cabling should not block network components, racks, or rails. You don’t want to experience unnecessary network downtime for basic maintenance.

#6 Airflow Restriction

If your cabling blocks vents, fans, or obstructs airflow in any way, you are putting your network at great risk. Besides, overheating of your network components can cause thermal shutdown and potentially serious and irreparable damage to your hardware.

#7 More Costly Maintenance

Servicing you network is unavoidable but you can greatly reduce the cost of IT labor if your cabling is neat, well organized and clearly labeled. If you experience network failure and a technician has to pull every crisscrossed wire to figure out what cable goes where, you are going to be paying for a lot of man-hours.

Let Ctelecoms help you transform your data center environment from chaotic to exceptional with world-class cabling solutions!

At Ctelecoms, we have over 10 years of experience at delivering best-in-class IT services and solutions in Saudi Arabia. We excel in the design and installation of structured cabling solutions for both data and voice networks. No matter the scope of your project, we offer the cabling products and services that best fit your unique cabling requirements. That means we can help you get your server room or IT closet in order, regardless of how messy it currently is. If you are tired of digging through cables to find what you’re looking for or are experiencing overheating issues and network errors, we can help you out. Our customized, top-class structured network cabling solutions are guaranteed to deliver the capacity to adapt to future technology. Feel free to consult one of our expert datacenter technicians or call us at: +966 12 261 9667. Our services cover different parts of KSA, including Jeddah, Riyadh and western Saudi Arabia.

Structured Voice & Data Network Cabling Solutions in KSA

As a well established cable installation services provider in Saudi Arabia, Ctelecoms offers quality cable system management, cable trays, thorough documentation, and computer-aided design. We carry all major manufacturers of Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat6A cable products as well as a full-line of wall outlets, switches, fiber and coaxial products. We cover Jeddah, Riyadh and the entire western part of Saudi Arabia.

What Distinguishes Ctelecoms Cabling Solutions?

Today's businesses require advanced IT to maintain a competitive advantage. As technology continues to evolve, the corporate network must support an extensive variety of voice, data, video and multimedia applications. Ctelecoms can work with you to design a structured cabling system that will accommodate all your cabling needs. There are plenty of factors that position Ctelecoms among the best cabling solutions providers in Saudi Arabia, namely:

 Top-class Cabling Project Management

One of the main reasons why Saudi organizations choose Ctelecoms' cabling solutions is our unique style of project planning, management and implementation, which undoubtedly holds the key to the success of our cabling projects. We are highly experienced in utilizing organized, structured cabling infrastructure solutions for networks and data centers of all sizes. As an unrivaled cabling company in Jeddah, we will also help you solve any cabling management issues that your data center may be experiencing. Our team is specialized in providing well-organized, high speed network cables so you always have a top-quality solution that scales up easily with your future growth and gives you the best value of money.

 Thorough Attention To Detail

Ctelecoms cabling solutions are all planned and coordinated to the tiniest detail so they deliver the highest speed and the best quality. Our cabling technicians are highly trained and qualified to provide complete installation and testing for any wired, wireless or hybrid network infrastructure project, no matter the size.

 Extensive Selection of Cabling Products

From telecommunication cables, to CAT 3 cables, Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, to CAT 7 cables, coaxial cables, fiber optic cables, and low-voltage cabling, Ctelecoms has you fully covered. We make sure our cable products will provide maximum performance and security for your multiple application network.

 Unrivaled, Future-proof Flexibility

Designed to promote network performance and prevent congestion, our structured cabling solutions will give you the simplicity and flexibility required to meet the constant change of personnel and equipment.

Let our experts help you handle all cabling management, planning and implementation for your organization!

Ctelecoms is highly experienced in utilizing organized, structured cabling infrastructure solutions for networks and data centers of all sizes in KSA. We will help you solve any cabling management issues that your data center may be experiencing, with a top-quality solution that scales up easily with your future growth and gives you the best value of money and hardware investment.

Discuss Your Cabling Requirements with Ctelecoms Today!

If you're a Saudi business looking for a proficient cabling solution or advice, it would be our pleasure to assist you. Whether you're looking to solve certain cabling issues, upgrade your current cabling, or build a new cabling infrastructure from the ground up, we are always there for you. We've helped many organizations in Saudi Arabia with the testing, design and implementation of structured cabling solutions, and we can help you too.