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    Need a faster and more secure Wi-Fi connection?

We can all sometimes get a little stressful becasue the majority of our work depends on the Internet. When that's the case, wireless networks (Wi-Fi) are indispensable, especially for people who need to work on the go! We support you through applying the latest technologies and futuristic readiness so you have a fully protected access to your network through your mobile phone anytime you want and anywhere you go! 


What Ctelecoms offers you!

Ctelecoms offers you cost-effective yet highly dependable wireless network solutions for you to have easy communication and facilitated access to relevant data.
Our Wi-Fi solutions span service provider along with enterprise markets all over Jeddah. They also boost all your business apps while expanding experiences with top-quality and advanced Wi-Fi security. Our services combine flexibility and presentation to give you the best end-user requirements!

  • Implementing a full coverage wireless solution on the warehouses.

    Implementing a full coverage wireless solution on the warehouses.

    Abdulaziz Al Sorayai Investment Company.

    Customer: Abdulaziz Al Sorayai Investment Company.

    Issue: The client needed to manage his stock using handheld devices throughout 250,000 m2 warehouses.

    Solution: Implementing a full coverage wireless solution on the warehouses.

    Details: The customer had a lot of space but a small number of employees to cover the entire warehouse with real time updating the stock and managing the shipping of the material. Upon implementing the wireless solution covering the entire warehouses, it takes only five employees with barcode scanners to update the stock on the fly.




Outdoor Wi-Fi access points

A series of highly-dependable Wi-Fi solutions that run effectively in all outdoor conditions and environments.

WIFI solution

Indoor Wi-Fi access points

An array of innovative Wi-Fi solutions for big, small and medium sized organizations. Designed for high-density networking and educational environments.

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