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Need a faster and more secure Wi-Fi connection?
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Wireless Solutions

Need a faster and more secure Wi-Fi connection?
Need a faster and more secure Wi-Fi connection?

Highly-esteemed WIFI Solutions Company in KSA (Jeddah)!

As more and more organizations in Saudi Arabia are increasingly relying on mobility solutions and BYOD 'Bring Your Own Device', the demand for services and support in this area is also increasing. Today companies of all sizes and industries require a reliable wireless solution that delivers flexibility and high performance for their employees without compromising security.

The best Wireless solutions provider in Saudi Arabia

With over a decade of experience in providing secure, high-speed wireless solutions, Ctelecoms has proven itself as being the best wireless solutions provider in KSA, Jeddah and Al-Riyadh. Our WIFI solutions will give you the options, performance and security you need to serve your wireless users and devices like you never did before.

There are a lot of IT companies in Saudi Arabia that can use modern technology to customize a great IT solution for you. But Ctelecoms can do more! We go further with all our solutions. And when it comes to implementing the best cost-effective wireless network solution, you can count on Ctelecoms as being your premier IT technology partner who always puts our customers' needs first.

What makes Ctelecoms' WIFI Solutions the best in KSA?

There are plenty of good reasons that make Ctelecoms the best IT company and the ideal WiFi solutions provider in KSA. Not only do we have strategic partnerships with world-class vendors, but we also deliver on our promises and we are always ready to customize the best IT solution for all our clients in Saudi Arabia. Our wireless solutions are all from Cisco, which means no matter the size of your company and the complication of your demands, we have got you fully covered.

Ctelecoms has superior IT expertise in delivering Cisco WIFI solutions. We are a strategic Cisco partner and one of the best Cisco IT solution providers in KSA (Jeddah, and Riyadh). We were also positioned as one of the top 10 international Cisco partners in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Russia in 2015. This means that we have a proven record of experience that makes us the best at what we do.

  • Implementing a full coverage wireless solution on the warehouses.

    Implementing a full coverage wireless solution on the warehouses.

    Abdulaziz Al Sorayai Investment Company.

    Customer: Abdulaziz Al Sorayai Investment Company.

    Issue: The client needed to manage his stock using handheld devices throughout 250,000 m2 warehouses.

    Solution: Implementing a full coverage wireless solution on the warehouses.

    Details: The customer had a lot of space but a small number of employees to cover the entire warehouse with real time updating the stock and managing the shipping of the material. Upon implementing the wireless solution covering the entire warehouses, it takes only five employees with barcode scanners to update the stock on the fly.



Core Features of Ctelecoms Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solution That Meets All Your Requirements

Ctelecoms is always there to build or upgrade a robust wireless network for companies of all sizes and every industry in KSA. You can rest assured that Ctelecoms wireless solutions will take your network efficiency to the next level, giving you maximized Wi-Fi security, speed and flexibility.

Keep your team connected

Deliver enterprise-class Wi-Fi connectivity for all devices and give your employees the best user experience they need to stay productive and collaborate more effectively. Let everyone enjoy a stable, high-speed wireless connection as they work from different locations, across multiple mobile devices.


Indoor Wi-Fi Access Points

Improve mobile experiences in high-density environments with Ctelecoms' robust wireless solution that puts the world's most versatile and reliable wireless network at your service, giving you the highest-performing access points which ensure a super-efficient mobility experience even in rugged conditions.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points

Get a highly-dependable Wi-Fi network capable of maintaining a streamlined network connection in all outdoor conditions and environments.

WIFI solution

Advanced Security

Get advanced network-based wireless security that keeps your employees protected and reduces the risks of introducing malware or losing sensitive data.

Superior Network Performance

Ctelecoms will ensure that your wireless network is always up and running with a tailored Wi-Fi solution that delivers the highest performance to efficiently handle interactive multimedia for many simultaneous users while providing more speed, capacity, and reliability for business-critical applications.

Easier Management & Faster Deployment

Our Wi-Fi solutions feature fast deployment, easy configuration, simplified administration, and rich visibility. This enables our customers to quickly provide network access to any user and any application without compromising security.

Get The Best Wireless Solution from Ctelecoms

As a top-class IT solutions provider in Saudi Arabia, Ctelecoms is always there to provide the best wireless solution available in the market. Our IT technicians have the experience required to make your wireless network as fast, reliable, and secure as your wired network. Not only this, Ctelecoms will give you loads of extra features for improving spectrum efficiency, performance, and user experiences that you can't find elsewhere. Get in touch with Ctelecoms today!