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Data Center Solutions

Solve issues, streamline operations, promote security, reduce IT costs and increase productivity with our world-class data center solutions.

Data Center Solutions

Solve issues, streamline operations, promote security, reduce IT costs and increase productivity with our world-class data center solutions.

Don't Let Your IT Infrastructure Hold You Back!

Is your current IT infrastructure driving your business forward - or stunting its growth?

As Saudi organizations increasingly want their IT departments to focus on strengthening business functions and gaining market advantages, IT managers continue to face several management issues regarding their data center visibility, power, cooling, cabling, security, load balancing, and more.
In fact, a lot of IT headaches start when data center environments are lacking in flexibility or unable to cope with growing business and service delivery demands.
Many organizations across KSA are struggling with plenty of data center issues, such as rising temperature, unstructured (or spaghetti) cabling, humidity problems, physical security issues.. etc. And when your IT staff are spending too much time tending to the needs of your data center, your strategic business goals will more likely get pushed aside.
If any of these challenges sounds familiar to you, it may be time to move on to our modular, fully customized data center solutions.

  Give your Network an edge today and tomorrow with our reliable structured ...


  Have full visibility and control over your datacenter with a DCIM ...


  Ensure your datacenter environment, corporate building and critical ...


  Keep your datacenter secured, up and running with our best-of-breed ...


  Maximize your datacenter cooling efficiency with a world-class airflow ...


Constructing Datacenter For AlBasateen Village!

AlBasateen Village Compound

Customer: AlBasateen Village Compound

Ctelecoms Datacenter Solution has unlocked numerous opportunities for our customer who is now witnessing several revolutionary advantages.


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Why Trust Ctelecoms As Your Datacenter Solutions Company in KSA?

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. Businesses and organizations across Saudi Arabia trust us to provide IT solutions that work perfectly well, and with good reason. We don't just go for a sale. At Ctelecoms, we take the time to learn and really know our clients' data center needs and goals in order to recommend and implement the best IT solution that's cost-effective, future-proof, and easy to manage.

8 Great Reasons Why Ctelecoms is The Ideal Data Center Solutions Provider in KSA

  • Ctelecoms is the elite IT company in Saudi Arabia (particularly in Jeddah and Riyadh) for flexible, secure and efficient data center solutions that support all the flexibility, security and efficiency requirements of your organization.
  • Ctelecoms engineers have a history with exceptional capabilities of delivering successful data center projects of all sizes in KSA.
  • Ctelecoms has the superior know-how in helping organizations in Saudi Arabia upgrade and/or modernize their data center, solve its biggest challenges and simplify its IT management.
  • Ctelecoms team will customize your data center solution and apply the best practices for space utilization, system uptime, physical security, streamlined management and ease of use.
  • Ctelecoms takes into account your financial and operational considerations, timing, and business requirements throughout the data center project from the very start to the very end.
  • Ctelecoms delivers the right data center products that are not only vital to run the DC system efficiently, but will also contribute to Ctelecoms' overall strategy that saves your company money.
  • Ctelecoms engineers are experts in matching the right IT product(s) specifications with your data center project so that each component delivers its best value without overwhelming your budget - thanks to our strategic supplier partnerships with top IT leaders.
  • Ctelecoms data center solutions are all designed to help you minimize IT costs, improve agility and promote your business productivity.

Market-leading Data Center Solutions That Work Best for You Today and Tomorrow

Our extensive experience in the testing, planning, design, and implementation of modern data centers for companies of every size and industry in Saudi Arabia is second to none. Whether you are looking to upgrade specific components of your existing data center, improve services for your IT in the front line, or build a whole new data center that supports your growing IT workloads, Ctelecoms is always ready to support your IT needs with solutions that best fulfill your unique objectives.

_________ Don’t just take our word for it. See What Our Clients Have To Say About Us.

The cabinets relocation project for Bupa’s main datacenter was perfectly undertaken by our success partner, Ctelecoms. Everything was outstandingly aligned with our requirements, especially the incredible final touches added to at the end of this ...More

Adel barashed
Adel barashed
Having Ctelecoms move us from local Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 has saved us many email-related headaches and enabled our IT staff to save a great amount of time on more important tasks. 

Adel N. Maher
Adel N. Maher
Ctelecoms managed the re-structuring of our entire data center cabling, servers, power generators… etc., which made our data center more agile and daily tasks easier. Ctelecoms teams are really good at what they do and I truly appreciate the outstanding ...More

Abdalrahman Hakim
Abdalrahman Hakim
Besides their best offers and reasonable prices, Ctelecoms took great care of our data center savers and firewall security, enabling easier and safer working environment. They express their unique professionalism by their quick response, attention to ...More

Abdullah Ramadan




CRAC stands for Computer Room Air Conditioner, which is a machine used to measure, preserve and control the temperature and the distribution of airflow in datacentres using perforated air tails.The process is carried out by having cool air stream through the racks where the air gathers heat and flows out of the rack.Split air conditioning, on the other hand, cannot manage the air distribution, or humidity like CRAC.

Cold aisle management provides enhanced and improved airflow, higher density installation, improved heat exchange via air handler capacity, and central plant energy efficiency by giving and obtaining elevated water temperatures. It also has the ability to isolate hot aisle and cool aisle. These benefits allow you to save costs while enjoy well-managed air flow in your data centre.

The table below displays a variety of fibre optic cables along with specific details for each one:

Fibre Optic Type

Diameter (μm)

Fast Ethernet

1 Gigabit Ethernet

1 Gigabit Ethernet

10 Gigabit Ethernet

40 Gigabit Ethernet

Multimode (OM1)


2000 Meters

275 Meters

550 Meters
(mode conditioning patch cable required)

33 Meters

Not supported

Multimode (OM2)


550 Meters

82 Meters

Not supported




550 Meters

300 Meters

100 Meters

Multimode (OM4)


400 Meters

150 Meters




5 km at 1310 nm

5 km at 1310 nm

5 km at 1310 nm


If you are looking for a fast solution for putting out fires, then the fire suppression FM-200 system is your answer.The FM-200 system generates a transparent, no-side- effect gas that distinguishes fires in a matter of seconds, resulting in less damage and hence, reduced expenses and increased safety in your data centre.
Environmental monitoring systems allow you to observe and manage conditions such as the temperature, humidity, airflow, water, energy, light, sound…etc. in your data centre, resulting in a well-managed and secure environment for your machines.

Environmental monitoring systems send notifications (Email, SMS and SNMP traps.) or alerts (via alarm) in case any sudden changes that could threaten its surroundings occur, such as a considerable rise in temperature (above the average level) as this could be the result of fire.