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Hello, we’re Ctelecoms!

Nothing makes us happier than helping you grow your business!


As a market-leading IT company in Saudi Arabia, Ctelecoms delivers the latest best-in-class IT solutions, enabling businesses and organizations in KSA (Jeddah, Riyadh and the whole western part of Saudi Arabia) to promote productivity, increase agility, lower IT costs and leverage the way they do business.

Our IT services, products and solutions cover all aspects of your business (whether on premises or cloud), and thus, we are deeply immersed in tackling a wide array of critical business challenges.

As a Saudi leader in the IT market, we embrace the concept of market maturity development, and so we work on pinpointing all your business challenges to provide you with the best IT solution that meets your needs and budget criteria.

From reliability, integrity and passion to our great focus on success, we have invested in a vibrant company environment set for ideas to blossom, people to thrive and creativity to flourish.

We have worked hard over the years to build strong relationships with our customers through trust, commitment and honesty, and we are happy to add that we have also gained some amazing friends that have helped us get to where we are today.

Special thanks to our hardworking employees, our valuable partners and all the customers we serve. Ctelecoms has so far been ranked in the top 10 for Cisco’s Winner’s Circle 2015, having been awarded membership of the Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider 2016 and still continues to grow!

Our Values

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  • We aim to always go extra mile and exceed our client's expectations.
  • We aim to make our customers satisfied and comfortable communicating with us.
  • Project succcess is our priority.
  • We value our customer's time just as much as we value ours.
  • We always answer with "We will figure it out!", not with "We don't know".

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  • We help each other.
  • We trust each other.
  • We do whatever it takes to achieve the desired resutls.
  • We insist on being successful.
  • We always look for solutions, not excuses. (No excuse is good enough).

Ctelecoms Awards

Microsoft 2015 Country Partner of the Year Award goes to Ctelecoms!
We are very proud to have been chosen as Microsoft's Partner Of The Year in Saudi Arabia. This huge accomplishment will enable Ctelecoms to deliver more value to its customers, capitalizing on the flexibility and efficiency of our services.
Hassan Barnawi
Cisco Winner's Circle 2015 awards!
We are very proud to have been chosen as Microsoft's Partner Of The Year in Saudi Arabia. This huge accomplishment will enable Ctelecoms to deliver more value to its customers, capitalizing on the flexibility and efficiency of our services.   We are thrilled to announce that Ctelecoms has been ranked as one of the  top 10 INTERNATIONAL Cisco Partners for the year! We consider this achievement ...
Hassan Barnawi

Responsibility in Society

Ctelecoms is an IT company – located in Saudi Arabia  that puts social responsibility at the top of its list. Together, with our amazing team, we have saved no effort in supporting other growing nations through various charitable events.

Hand in hand, we joined forces with two wonderful companies to extend our support beyond our borders and form a new philanthropic model for others to follow.
Today, we are very proud to have taken part in these humane activities, and we hope to continue offering our support to all those who need it. See our charitable works:



A specialized center for treatment and psychological support.



A service portal that brings all non-profit foundations and charities together under a single harmonic combination for the purpose of simplifying their work.

Why Ctelecoms is a terrific place

to work!



Mahmood Allam

Albasateen / IT Manager


The main reason behind choosing C-Telecoms is the recommendation of our clients, the support and dedication of Mr. Bahaa Najmah, and the professionalism and experience of both Mr. Emad Al-Sibai and Mr. Ahmad Tarabishi. What we liked the most about C-Telecoms is that they involve the customers in the new technologies, seminars and workshops. C-Telecoms Co. is distinguished by its professionalism, dedication and quality which are obvious in the Cisco service we use and the professional and experienced manager of Cisco division Mr. Ahmed Tarabishi and his team as well. We never have to worry about ... More


Muhammad Usama Khan

Muhammad Usama Khan

ECA / Senior Network Engineer


ECA was looking for a reliable, cost-effective IP Network and IP Telephony System in addition to a secure Wireless Solution to carry out common business tasks. Choosing a reliable vendor with the right expertise is always a challenge, but Ctelecoms turned out to be the best choice. IP Technology has always been a key part of our ability to improve how we manage and control our resources. Working with Ctelecoms was a whole new experience. They provided us with a stable, secure, redundant and reliable network, which helped improve our workflow and reduce IT expenses.Their approach to making ... More


Hassan Barnawi

Wataniya Insurance Company / IT Officer at Wataniya Insurance Company


Ctelecoms is a renown IT solutions company with a well-deserved reputation for delivering top-quality SaaS products. Al-Wataniya Insurance opted for a number of software solutions from Ctelecoms, including: Microsoft EMS, Microsoft OMS and Cisco Cloud Email Security. All three solutions have been expertly implemented by Ctelecoms people. What’s great about Ctelecoms is their prompt response to our needs coupled with their extensive know-how in the field which enabled us to innovate and maintain the highest level of security in this cloud, modern world.