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Data Storage Solutions

Data Storage Solutions
Looking to Modernize & Future-proof your IT Infrastructure Without Overwhelming your IT Budget?
Looking to Modernize & Future-proof your IT Infrastructure Without Overwhelming your IT Budget?
As IT managers all over Saudi Arabia are increasingly required to make huge amounts of data available across multiple locations (on-premises and in the cloud), it becomes clear that legacy IT systems will no longer keep up with these ever-growing IT requirements. And given the greater demand for applications to provide increased availability, automation and agility, while improving operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience, the need for IT modernization has never been more urgent. That's where Ctelecoms, Gold Dell Technologies Partner in KSA, can help you with our best-in-class data storage solutions.

Market-leading Dell Technologies Data Storage Solutions That Best Fulfill Your Unique Demands

Our huge data storage solutions platform includes an extensive spate of Dell Technologies Primary Storage solutions, namely: (PowerMax, PowerFlex, Dell Technologies PowerStore, Dell Technologies Unity XT, PowerVault, XtremIO, and SC Series), Dell Technologies Unstructured Data Storage Solutions, including: ( PowerScale, ECS and Streaming Data Platform), Dell Technologies Data Storage Essentials, such as: (CloudIQ, DataIQ, Connectrix SAN, VPLEX, PowerPath, Storage Resource Manager (SRM), AppSync, Storage Automation & DevOps Resources, CloudLink), and Dell Technologies Data Storage Industry Solutions, such as Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Storage Solutions, Oil & Gas Data Storage Solutions, Media & Entertainment Data Storage Solutions, and more. When it comes to modernizing IT infrastructure with the best Midrange storage solution in the market, our Dell Technologies PowerStore is uniquely positioned to deliver the greatest results at the fairest, flexible price.

Realize Digital Transformation By Modernizing your IT Infrastructure

By introducing Dell Technologies PowerStore to our ever-growing Saudi Market, Ctelecoms aims to help businesses and organizations in KSA to modernize their IT, drive greater flexibility, enable superior efficiency and achieve real business outcomes so they can thrive in the digital world, now and in the future.

Get The Ultimate Mid-Range Storage Solution For The New Data Era

PowerStore is the fastest and most-responsive Midrange Storage platform, designed to speed up and simplify IT operations, eliminate silos and deliver a consistent infrastructure experience wherever your workloads may reside.

Data-centric design

Performance-optimized, unified architecture, for any workload.

Intelligent automation

Programmable infrastructure simplifies management, DevOps, and more.

Adaptable architecture

Speed and workload mobility offer choice, predictability, and investment protection.

x7 Faster

PowerStore runs up to 7 times faster than all its predecessors and 3 times more responsive compared to its mid-range storage arrays.

99.9999% Availability

Accelerate decision making, data access and application performance with PowerStore, which is designed for six-nines (99.9999%) availability.

Maximized Cost Efficiency

Save on IT budget and capacity with always-on deduplication, compression and a guaranteed 4:1 data reduction.

More Reasons To Choose Dell Technologies PowerStore Midrange Storage Solution

Future-proof Innovation

Machine learning and intelligent automation allows for faster delivery of applications and services with up to 99 percent less staff time to balance volumes.

Seamless Integration

Take ease of use and simplicity to the next level, from the built-in discovery process for onboarding appliances to the simplified connect home experience and seamless integration with CloudIQ.

Adaptability at its Best

Immediately detect workload spikes and answer new service requests with elastic capacity and cloud economics.

Ideal for VMware Users.

Dell Technologies PowerStore integrates seamlessly into VMware management frameworks to simplify storage management for administrators and increase overall efficiency. PowerStore takes the best modern storage technology from purpose-built arrays and incorporates the advanced capabilities of VMware’s ESXi hypervisor to provide unprecedented resiliency.
PowerStore also provides you with the flexibility to host virtualized applications directly on the appliance thanks to its available AppsON capability.

Key features and benefits of PowerStore Midrange Storage Solution include:

  • Seamless integration with VMware management, improving administrator efficiency.
  • Ability to run virtualized applications co-resident with data, reducing latency
  • Linear scale-out and scale-up capability increases storage capacity and performance for VMware environments.
  • Optimization for the latest modern data storage technology (NVMe and SCM)
  • Enables always inline data reduction (compression and deduplication), improving vVols storage footprint.

Why PowerStore for VMware Users?

For existing VMware users, incorporating Dell Technologies PowerStore provides the following benefits:

1. PowerStore Reduces the total cost of ownership

By leveraging existing storage investments, people skills, and operational procedures, your organisation can reduce the cost of deploying applications using PowerStore in VMware environments, as well as with VMware Cloud Foundation.

2. PowerStore Leverages advanced enterprise storage functionality

With DELL Technologies PowerStore, your organisation can leverage unique, advanced functionality. This includes highly available storage architectures, machine learning-based service levels, advanced snapshot and data reduction capabilities, and run applications co-resident with the required data.

3. PowerStore Provides more granular performance and scale

With PowerStore, your enterprise storage can scale independently from the compute infrastructure. When your application usage demands high-I/O density solutions, traditional storage can provide that flexibility.

Is PowerStore right for my organisation?

Dell Technologies PowerStore can benefit your organization if you are looking to modernise and consolidate your architecture, simplify and automate your systems and services, and ultimately achieve your digital transformation goals.
Dell Technologies On-Demand OPEX-structured flexible consumption helps you to predictably budget for IT spend, pay for technology per usage, and reduce the total cost of ownership across the technology lifecycle.
PowerStore is designed to support any workload by delivering unified storage in a performance-optimised appliance. This enables autonomous, consistent operations for optimum efficiency.

PowerStore can provide your organisation with:

  • Unmatched agility with AppsON technology
  • Anytime upgrades program
  • Scale-up and out for flexible growth
  • Persistent NVMe Flash and SCM Drive support
  • Guaranteed data efficiency
  • Remarkable flexibility with unified storage

Why Choose Ctelecoms As Your Dell Technologies Midrange Storage Solution Provider?

We are recognized as a leading DELL Technologies partner in Jeddah, Riyadh and the Western KSA region. Soon after we had established our strategic partnership, our contribution and expertise with DELL products, services and solutions was awarded “DELL TECHNOLOGIES GOLD PRTNER” status.

This status confirms our commitment to the world’s leading IT vendor through extensive training and certification for the team here at Ctelecocms.
In addition to our gold partner status we also have DELL Technologies specialist competency accreditations in the following areas so your business can have every faith that we are able to supply, configure and support DELL Technologies now and in the future:
  • Ctelecoms is an authorized Dell Technologies Service Delivery Partner (SDP) who can deliver and expertly implement Dell Technologies solutions on behalf of the global vendor itself.
  • Ctelecoms is the preferred and ONLY Dell Technologies Partner in Saudi Arabia who received Dell Marketing Excellence Award for two years in a row (2019-2020).
  • Ctelecoms team has the best people in designing and implementing Dell Technologies solutions. Our certified, well-trained team of experts will make your Dell Technologies experience feel like a breeze.
  • Ctelecoms is your single point of contract that delivers fully Managed Dell Technologies Solutions covering hardware delivery, SLA contracts, SDP ticketing system, maintenance contracts, health reporting, re-operation and more.
If you’d like to speak to one of our team about DELL Technologies technologies and products, please call us on +966 12 261 9667 or email

Take Your IT To The Next Level with Dell Technologies Data Storage Solutions from Ctelecoms!

Without thorough planning, resources, and expertise, replacing your legacy IT systems yourself can be a challenge. Ctelecoms team can utilize its expertise in specialized IT solutions and services to make upgrading your legacy infrastructure systems feel like a breeze. We provide expert IT and data storage solutions to organizations of all types and sizes across Jeddah, Riyadh and western KSA. We've helped many companies in KSA modernize their IT and transform how they do business. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.