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Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data center management is continuously challenged with staying up to and sometimes ahead of the ever-changing technological advancements, while also fulfilling growing IT demands. This makes it more difficult for today's data center managers to ensure higher uptimes, handle costs and deploy new services fast.
Unlike the old days, modern data centers have grown increasingly complex, are more strictly regulated, and require data center managers to do more with less. Meanwhile, data center operators not only have the job of managing data but also ensuring that power consumption is monitored, equipment is kept cool, and enough space is available. To better accomplish this, they need access to information and data that isn't always readily available. In other words, they need Datacenter Infrastructure Management Solutions (DCIM).

Solve Your Data Center Challenges Easily with our Best-of-breed DCIM Solutions

As a DCIM software supplier in Saudi Arabia, Ctelecoms goal is to provide Saudi organizations with a holistic view and control of their entire data center's performance so that data center utilization, floor space, energy consumption and other DC equipment are used and managed as efficiently as possible.

Take a closer look at the most common challenges that data center managers and operators face and why our DCIM software is the best solution to them all.

Datacenter Challenge #1: Deploying new services

Missing or inaccurate information in work's orders.... or manual steps delays job completion and quality work.

With Our DCIM Solution..

Verification and validation controls in our DCIM software allows you to identify asset dependencies and ensure work quality, minimize downtime, reduce workflow delays and eliminate bottlenecks.

Datacenter Challenge #2: Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

Data centers have a lot going on inside them. From applications, to network connectivity, to cooling systems, power distribution, storage units, and much more running all at once. Constant monitoring and reporting different metrics is a must for data center operators and managers.

With Our DCIM Solution..

Our DCIM system provides richer and deeper insights into the data center operations and performance metrics, helping you track, analyze, and generate real-time reports, so you'e capable of making well-informed decisions and immediate actions accordingly.

Datacenter Challenge #3: Asset Management

It's challenging to manage assets in your data center when you're not sure what you have, how it's configured, and where it's located. Our DCIM solution provides an accurate, real-time view of all facilities and IT components, enabling data center managers to easily locate and get detailed information about their assets from virtually anywhere.

With Our DCIM Solution..

Our DCIM solution provides an accurate, real-time view of all facilities and IT components, enabling data center managers to easily locate and get detailed information about their assets from virtually anywhere.

Datacenter Challenge #4: Capacity Planning and Management

With the exponential increase in data, the capacity of a data center was always an unsolved question for data center managers. But not with our datacenter infrastructure management solution.

With Our DCIM Solution..

By using our DCIM system, data center managers can quickly find out the idle physical space, capacity, power, cooling, and other resources used in a data center. This way, it's easy to optimize the capacity as well as cut costs, save energy, and avoid downtime, all at once.

Datacenter Challenge #5: Troubleshooting.

Without diagrams or information about what is connected to what and where your assets are located, downtime can be of great concern and cost in data center management.

With Our DCIM Solution..

Our DCIM solution provides a visualization of the physical network connectivity between devices, enables data center managers to quickly identify problems within the network path, troubleshoot issues and restore services faster.

Datacenter Challenge #6: Power Consumption

Overcapacity situations can quickly occur and cause outages if you do not know how much power you are using and how much you have left.

With Our DCIM Solution..

Our DCIM software threshold alerting and reporting allows data center managers to understand power usage at any given time, allowing them to rebalance power usage and helping them avoid paying over-usage/premium charges.

Datacenter Challenge #7: Energy Efficiency and Cost Cutting

The data center industry is often caught in trouble because of its massive amount of energy consumption and rising temperature problem. Many a time, more energy is found to be wasted than used at a data center site. This happens when there is lack of proper energy monitoring tools and environmental sensors.

With Our DCIM Solution..

Our DCIM enables you to monitor energy consumption efficiently, optimize it, and also cut costs where possible. This will help you reduce your data center costs and be energy efficient and environment-friendly, all at once.

Datacenter Challenge #8: Uptime and Performance Maintenance

Measuring the performance and ensuring uptime of data centers is the major concern for data center managers and operators. Manually calculating the metrics is of no or a very little help in most cases.

With Our DCIM Solution..

Our robust DCIM solution, helps you, as a data center manager, to measure the essential metrics in real-time, making it super easy for you to optimize and manage the uptime and other performances.

Datacenter Challenge #9: Staff Productivity Management

Tracking, analyzing, and reporting performances of all the data center infrastructure is a daunting task. It may take a lot of your staff's time and efforts. Yet, you can't ensure accuracy when monitoring is carried out manually.

With Our DCIM Solution..

A DCIM solution will help you automate these operations and free a lot of your staffs' time. You can also automate workflow approvals and assign technicians for particular tasks, along with the automation of other manual tasks.

Take your Datacenter to The Next Level With our DCIM Solutions

If you're a Saudi business looking for a proficient DCIM solutions, you've come to the right place! We've helped many organizations in Saudi Arabia tranform how they manage and control their datacenter environments, and we can help you too!
Whatever your requirements or your circumstances, Ctelecoms will always be there for you. Just get in touch with us and we'll be right there for you!

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