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Keep your datacenter secured, up and running with our best-of-breed UPSs, Power Generators, and Power Distribution solutions.
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Datacenter Power Solutions

High Availability and Secured Power
Keep your datacenter secured, up and running with our best-of-breed UPSs, Power Generators, and Power Distribution solutions.
Keep your datacenter secured, up and running with our best-of-breed UPSs, Power Generators, and Power Distribution solutions.
Today's modern datacenters are rapidly expanding beyond the capabilities of their existing infrastructure. With more and more users, a lot more data, and ever-growing IT demands, any power failure can have a devastating impact on mission-critical operations, communications and data, resulting in costly downtime. Therefore, it is vital to keep loads securely protected from blackouts and other main electricity disturbances.
A clean and secure supply of power is critical to today's data centers and IT facilities. Therefore, ensuring safety, maximum availability and economic viability in server parks, IT rooms and data centers is now a MUST and requires a fault-free power supply.
We aim to ensure continuity for your mission critical operations and reduce their total cost of ownership. Our efficient and highly reliable products and services range from uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to our fully customized Data Center Power and infrastructure Solutions.

Innovative Datacenter Power Solutions in Saudi Arabia

As a KSA-based IT solutions company with extensive experience in delivering world-class IT services for Saudi businesses, Ctelecoms is devoted to providing reliable and innovative Datacenter UPS, Power Generators and Power Distribution Solutions for all types of data center infrastructures out there in Saudi Arabia.
We aim to fulfill your increasingly large power demands while helping you effectively manage power resources and energy usage with our redundant and power supply systems. You can rest assured that our top-notch datacenter power solutions have been designed to guarantee higher efficiency, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and uninterrupted workflow.

What You Can Accomplish With Ctelecoms Data Center Power Solutions

Ensure High Availability and Secured Power with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

At Ctelecoms we understand that UPS efficiency has a major impact on data center energy use. Therefore, we help you select a UPS that will be efficient at the actual operating load of your facility and not just its fully rated capacity. We work diligently to increase the energy efficiency levels of your datacenter infrastructure. This means maintaining power availability to your IT equipment in the event of a main failure.
To accomplish this, we help you select an Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) system that will be efficient at the actual operating load of your facility, and not just its fully rated capacity. Then we incorporate our UPS solution into your data center's electrical distribution circuits, making sure it offers you longer battery autonomy (run time) so you can maintain power through short-duration outages, and if the main power is still not restored shortly, our UPS datacenter solution will ensure a controlled shut-down of the IT systems.
Although a shutdown is often avoided at any cost, doing so in a controlled manner will enable you to bring your IT systems back on line more quickly and easily once power is restored. Also, shutting down non-critical applications will allow your critical services to stay on for longer - possibly until power is restored, rather than running everything until the batteries run out.
We also understand that your IT equipment also requires a smooth clean power supply. Our Data center UPS solutions will protect your IT systems from spikes, dips, brown outs and black outs, ensuring sound protection for your data center hardware.

Robust, Standby Power Generators

When it comes to providing back-up power during an extended outage, a standby generator is the only viable choice. Partnered with the leading power vendors, including Schneider Electric, Ctelecoms provides a broad range of fully scalable standby generator solutions, with options that suit the unique requirements and demands for each of our clients.

Reduce Cooling demands & Free Up Datacenter Space

Powering servers that sit idle or have low utilization will negatively impact your energy efficiency plan. Sometimes these serves do almost nothing but draw power. Virtual servers and virtualization software can help you combine underused servers into one server to not only reduce power consumption, but also reduce cooling demands and free up valuable data center footprint.

Meet uptime and efficiency goals within your budget

After all, energy consumption often contributes to nearly half of total operating expenses for data centers, so when you implement our tailored data center power solution, you will directly accomplish the following:
  • Reduce as much energy waste as possible.
  • Improve your datacenter's power usage effectiveness.
  • Drive up energy efficiency.
  • Protect your critical hardware infrastructure form damage due to power spikes, dips, black outs… etc.
  • Ensure sufficient power and smooth functioning of data centers.
  • Reduce, or even, eliminate data center downtime and keep uptime to the maximum.
  • Reduce cooling demands and free up valuable data center floor space.
  • Experience direct cost savings.

Speak to Our Experts About Your Company's Specific Data Center Needs

If you're a Saudi business, organization or a governmental entity looking to promote data center efficiencies and accomplish great cost-savings, we are ready to help.

Have Other IT or Datacenter Concerns?

We have an extensive range of solutions that best fulfill the unique datacenter needs and requirements of every business in Saudi Arabia. Get in touch with Ctelecoms and let's see how we can be of assistance.