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Ensure your datacenter environment, corporate building and critical assets are adequately protected with the right physical security and access control solution.
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Datacenter Physical Security Solutions

Physical Security Solution
Ensure your datacenter environment, corporate building and critical assets are adequately protected with the right physical security and access control solution.
Ensure your datacenter environment, corporate building and critical assets are adequately protected with the right physical security and access control solution.
In a world where businesses and organizations of all types and sizes rely on data technology, server halls must remain operational and risk free. On one side of the equation, physical security breaches can lead to high value equipment, such as server units, being stolen, services being interrupted and confidential information falling into the wrong hands. On the other side of the equation, humidity, water leakage and rising temperature can lead to equally catastrophic consequences. Our datacenter physical security solutions are designed to ensure all your facilities are adequately protected, monitored and secured to prevent all potential threats.

As a KSA-based, market-leading IT company in Jeddah, we believe that downtime is no option when continuous service is required for critical functions throughout our society. Therefore, ensuring the highest physical security levels for datacenters is amongst our top priorities.

Best-in-class Physical Security Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Regardless of your industry sector, your data center is home to the most valuable assets of your company. Ctelecoms offers a wide range of world-class physical security solutions in Saudi Arabia. Our physical security solutions deliver sound environmental protection for both public and private sector organizations of every size and industry in KSA. With proper planning and efficient use of cutting-edge technologies, Ctelecoms will address all the physical security needs of your business - no matter how complicated.
At Ctelecoms, we believe that an organization's physical security should be as good as its cyber security. And that, in turn, is only as good as the measures put in place to protect its physical and human assets from unauthorized access and exploitable behaviors. Thus, we provide an extensive range of physical security solutions that include enviro-monitoring solutions, CCTV Cameras, Physical Access Control systems, firefighting solutions, and more.
The spate of our physical security solutions is unrivaled in KSA (Jeddah, Riyadh and the entire western part of Saudi Arabia). Our solutions cover the needs of Saudi organizations of all sizes and every industry.

What our IT Physical Security Solutions Offer

From IP cameras for security monitoring, to video surveillance, third party sensors and access control security solutions, and more, we provide an extensive range of physical security solutions that we integrate into your existing datacenter infrastructure. 

Video Surveillance IP Cameras

Designed to deliver top-quality surveillance in almost all types of environments, our stationary wired and wireless IP cameras deliver a high-definition view with high-quality zoom lenses, auto back focus and super low light.  They also offer video analytics with the ability to detect even the slightest movements and any camera tampering.
Additionally, our cameras are backed by an IP video surveillance software management solution to ensure live and recorded videos are optimally provided. With this outstanding flexibility, you can manage your video streams like never before.

CCTV Cameras & Surveillance Systems

Data centers will need to run a range of individual systems to ensure the safety and security of people and equipment on site. These can include CCTV cameras, video management systems, building automation functions, and so on. A good example of this is when an alarm or alert can trigger CCTV cameras and extra lighting to come on, or freeze credentials and block people entering or exiting the site.

Access Control Systems

As a strategic partner with Galaxy Control Systems, Ctelecoms provides top-notch access control and monitoring solutions to fulfill the diverse security needs of every authority and business (regardless of size).
Comprised of well-integrated hardware + software that work collaboratively, Galaxy access control systems give you full control over who has access to what, ensuring only certain users can enter specific location or building at specific time(s) or date(s). No matter the size or complications of your requirements, Galaxy Access Control Systems are designed to support any scenario you can imagine. And of course, user access can be granted based on a unique access card, finger print or face recognition.

Security Sensors to Protect your Datacenter Environment

It's essential that all data centres have an effective heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to ensure hardware doesn't overheat or get too cold. This means implementing sensors and alarm systems is of extreme importance for IT managers to be alerted if there's a fire risk or if the air conditioning has failed and so on. When it comes to this particular area of physical security, Ctelecoms has got you covered as well.

IP Interoperability and Collaboration System

Obtain Cisco's intelligent threat-responsive solution that allows your business personnel to interact even through incompatible devices. Our solution enables you to directly inform on any incident using voice and video with radio dispatch console.

Need an expert physical security solution?

If you're a Saudi business, industrial or governmental entity looking for the right IT security solution to protect your valuable assets, you have come to the right place! Ctelecoms' physical security solutions are designed to address all your security needs and help you protect your entire environment as well as your valuable assets. Get in touch with Ctelecoms today and let our experts design and implement the right physical security solution for your business.

Have Other IT or Datacenter Concerns?

We have an extensive range of solutions that best fulfill the unique datacenter needs and requirements of every business in Saudi Arabia. Get in touch with Ctelecoms and let's see how we can be of assistance.