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Our History

With over a decade of tireless and constant hard work, Ctelecoms has taken the lead in the IT market by going way beyond providing consolidated IT and telecommunication services. Ctelecoms gained its enviable reputation by constantly promoting its dedication and diligence towards customer satisfaction. See how we began and grew to become leaders in the world of cloud and onpremises IT solutions: 

  • Humble beginning


    In 2007, we started out as a very small office in Saudi Arabia consisting of only two people, friends and now employees. They were their own boss and captains of their destiny. The two friends had all it takes; very high ambitions and enough determination to start from the ground up, enter the telecom market and run a serious business. Ctelecoms was only a service provider with no centralized location, no actual presence on the ground. However, we believed that "All good things have small beginnings".

  • Defined roles


    Well, we got that right! The turning point of our company was in 2009. When Ctelecoms' first draft was set, a few regulations were introduced and development densities were increased under the supervision of these two friends who managed to successfully guide the company on the right path, and hence achieve a consistent and unified business. They transformed that small office into a midsize company with its own offices which came to hold a strong position amongst competitors in Saudi Arabia. But our prime focus at that time was on CISCO IP Telephony Solutions.

  • A major step forwards


    Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit as a core and fundamental part of our commitment, and after noticing the huge gap in Saudi Arabia's telecom market which helped us realize the extent of its negative effects on the business environment, we began to gradually generate and implement our own vision through directing our efforts into doing something original.

  • Breakthrough


    By the end of 2010, Ctelecoms had taken a huge step forward in promoting our IT services and doing things in a more different and advanced way than we had done before. We expanded our IT solutions in ways that were a perfect fit to the market needs covering all IT infrastructure, networking and business solutions.

  • Popularity


    In the meantime, our customer base began to grow as we started to gain a well-deserved reputation for not only our smart, practical and strategic advice with value-added IT solutions, but also for being the ONLY company in Jeddah who could fill the KSA market gaps and worthily meet the all its demands!






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