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Unified Communications & UC Apps

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    Expecting an important call but you haven’t reached the office yet? Need to attend an important meeting but you're stuck in traffic?

"Whatever the case may be, we have the solution right here!"


Ctelecoms offers Unified Communications (UC) solutions from Cisco that reduce your communications latency by combining a variety of communications modalities such as chat, vid and voice. Our UC solutions eliminate device and media dependencies, giving you a seamless, effortless and synchronized communication crucial to your business – especially when you are juggling multiple calls at the same time!

We focus on integrating cutting-edge technologies to facilitate fast and effective communication, ensuring a thriving business environment and making it easier for you to find people, launch calls and conferences, retrieve messages and collaborate on projects!

Our UC solutions

Business solutions

UC Solutions for Smaller Companies

We have UC solutions designed for small businesses that provide innovative collaboration technologies and achieve real time communication

Unified communication solutions

UC Solutions for Enterprises

You will enjoy enhanced collaboration through top value solutions.

Unified communication

UC Solutions that are Reliable and Safe

Safely Integrate your unified communication applications across wide areas to achieve enhanced collaboration.

What do Ctelecoms offer you?

Ctelecoms is classified #1 in KSA for delivering reliable Unified Communications at a very reasonable price. You can streamline your systems and integrate all your communication tools into a simple, fast and efficient communications platform. All through implementing a trusted and fully-tested family of third-party products.

UC Applications

  • Ctelecoms provides unified collaboration applications teamed with a variety of up-to-the-minute, high-quality software applications and designed to be integrated with the latest innovative technologies available.
  • Our unified communications applications allow you to connect employees, partners and vendors with all the information they need.
  • You will also have the ability to access videos on various devices effortlessly.
Communication Applications
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