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Looking for a superior, light-weight antivirus to protect your employees? You’ve come to the right place!
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AMP for Endpoints

End Point Portection (AMP)
Looking for a superior, light-weight antivirus to protect your employees? You’ve come to the right place!
Looking for a superior, light-weight antivirus to protect your employees? You’ve come to the right place!

Your Anti-virus is Too Heavy, Yet ineffective? Don't worry!

Endpoint security is essential to keeping your employees safe and your network secure. But with traditional anti-viruses consuming too much RAM and still putting your business at risk due to being unable to spot emerging threats, your situation gets even worse!

Almost all endpoint security solutions claim to block 99% of malware. But what about the 1% of cyber threats they miss? Cisco AMP for Endpoints proactively detects and eliminates those stealthy threats that other security solutions fail to uncover. It continuously monitors file and user behavior to detect, block and remediate new threats and advanced malware across all endpoints (PCs and mobile devices) - keeping your users safe and guaranteeing the confidentiality of your data.

With our super lightweight, extremely powerful and easy to use Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can:

  • Automatically detect and quickly block sophisticated cyber threats that other antivirus software solutions
  • Continuously monitor file and user behavior to detect, block and remediate new threats.
  • Automatically block advanced malware across all endpoints.

Making the Best Antivirus Software Solution in the Market

At Ctelecoms we understand that businesses in Saudi Arabia are constantly exposed to cyber-attacks threats and security breaches. We believe that for an antivirus to be effective, it should be simple, yet powerful. Flexible, yet rock-solid.

Lightweight to PC and users, yet easily managed and delivers proactive protection behind the scenes. That's exactly what we aim to deliver for businesses and organization in Saudi Arabia. Our Premier partnership with Cisco enables us to do just that, ensuring maximum lightweight protection for Saudi businesses and organizations - no matter how big or small.

Advanced Malware Protection for Every Business in Saudi Arabia

With our world-class antivirus (or endpoint security solution): Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints, we enable visibility and control to help our customers in KSA rapidly detect, contain, and remediate advanced threats no matter how sophisticated.

Our Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints empowers you to paralyze cyber threats using the help of the Cisco Talos (the world's largest Security Intelligence and Research Group) that constantly delivers real-time threat intelligence feeds to keep Cisco solutions current with the most up-to-date threat intelligence against today's ever-evolving threats.  

AMP takes this cloud-based approach to threat intelligence and file analysis to strengthen defenses and block all attacks at point-of-entry with a built-in antivirus (AV) engine. The built-in sandboxing technology analyzes unknown files and offers proactive protection capabilities to close attack pathways and minimize vulnerabilities.

Next-generation Antivirus with Superior Endpoint Security

By combining prevention, detection, and response capabilities in a single solution, Cisco AMP for Endpoints delivers world-class next-generation endpoint security that goes well beyond other antivirus software solutions. AMP prevents breaches and blocks malware at the point of entry, then rapidly detects, contains, and remediates advanced threats that evade front-line defenses and get inside your network. This process can be summed up with three steps:

  • Prevent: Strengthen defenses using the best global threat intelligence, and block both fileless and file-based malware in real time.
  • Detect: Continuously monitor and record all file activity to quickly detect stealthy malware.
  • Respond: Accelerate investigations and automatically remediate malware across PCs, Macs, Linux, servers, and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Features and benefits of Cisco AMP for Endpoints:

Flexible deployment across all devices

Cisco AMP for Endpoints leverages the power of cloud-based analytics to deliver sound, proactive protection against all kinds of threats. AMP for Endpoints seamlessly works on your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. It can use the public cloud or be deployed as a private cloud.

Proactive, Non-stop protection

AMP continuously monitors and analyzes all file and process activity within your network to uncover even the 1% of threats that other security solutions miss. AMP never loses sight of where a file goes or what it does. If a file that appeared clean upon initial inspection ever exhibits malicious behavior, AMP is there with a full history of the threat's behavior to catch, contain, and remediate.

Superior Anti-malware Technology

Because there is no single answer to stopping malware, AMP comes with more than 15 built-in protection and detection mechanisms to prevent threats from compromising your business. These include malicious activity protection to stop ransomware, fileless-malware exploit prevention, machine-learning analysis of new threats, sandboxing, and more. If a file appears clean enough to pass all mechanisms, AMP lets it in, then continuously monitors and analyzes it and proactively blocks any malicious behavior.

Eliminate blind spots

Cisco AMP for Endpoints provides a holistic view of your endpoints, regardless of operating system. AMP also provides visibility into anomalous traffic on connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices where a connector can't be deployed, including printers, thermostats, and security cameras.

Cisco knows that cybercriminals rarely limit themselves to one attack vector. AMP for Endpoints shares threat intelligence across your entire environment, unifying security across endpoints, network, email, the cloud, and the web. Through these integrations, AMP can see a threat in one area of your environment, then automatically block it everywhere else it appears. AMP automatically correlates files, telemetry data, behavior, and activity to proactively defend against advanced threats across all possible vectors.

Discover & Remediate Unknown Threats

AMP's built-in sandboxing technology analyzes the behavior of suspicious files and correlates it against other information sources. File analysis produces detailed information to give you a better understanding of how to contain the outbreak and block future attacks.

When a file is deemed malicious, AMP drastically reduces the amount of time and resources required to investigate. It automatically provides insight into your most pressing questions, including:

  • What happened?
  • Where did the malware come from?
  • Where has the malware been?
  • What is the malware doing now?
  • How do we stop it?

With a few clicks in AMP's browser-based management console, the file can be blocked from running on all endpoints. Cisco AMP knows every other endpoint the file has reached, so it can quarantine the file for all users. With AMP, malware remediation is surgical, with no associated collateral damage to IT systems or the business.

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