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Smart Video Conferencing

  • Smart video conferencing
    Want to successfully manage a meeting in minutes regardless of place?
Because let's face it, travelling half way across the world to attend a meeting is a waste of time, money and effort. However, all that can be solved in a matter of minutes with Microsoft’s Video conferencing! 
In this area, we set up a system that enables you to connect easily with colleagues within your organization, across floors, across towns and even across countries as if you are in the same room.

What Ctelecoms offers you!

Whether it's face to face interactions or content sharing, our smart video conferencing solution from Microsoft boosts your communication efficiency in doing business for companies and organizations around the world, Consolidated Telecoms offers you the best, cost-efficient smart video conferencing solutions in Jeddah!
HD Video conferencing

Multi-party Conferencing Solutions

Bring high-definition video conferencing into your next meeting with more than one person at the same time while enjoying

Cloud Conferencing

Cloud Conferencing Solutions

Enjoy better performing video conferencing through the cloud.

ISDN Video Conferencing

ISDN Video Conferencing Gateway

Enjoy making video calls from any device (amrt phone, Taplet, PC..) on the go

Video Streaming and Recording

Video Conference Streaming and Recording

Record all your meetings in high definition with Ctelecoms’ top quality video conference

Find out everything there is on Video Conferenceing here! You can also sign up for our POC to see how well our solution work for you!

Video Conferencing Solutions
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