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Secure all email communications across your organization while proactively eliminating email-related threats.
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Email Security Solutions

Email Security
Secure all email communications across your organization while proactively eliminating email-related threats.
Secure all email communications across your organization while proactively eliminating email-related threats.

Advanced Email Protection for Saudi Organizations

Individuals, businesses and organizations of all sizes across Saudi Arabia face the same daunting challenge: Email is the most important business communication tool used to engage with customers and prospects, but at the same time it is the leading attack vector for security breaches, including spam, malware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), phishing attempts, zero-day attacks and more.

As email use rises, security becomes a greater priority in Saudi Arabia where email threats remain an essential part of a complex email security picture for organizations in KSA. Ransomware, as well, has added up to the challenge, making it more crucial than ever for Saudi companies to take action to protect their business, sensitive information, financial data and whatever passes through their email gateways.

How do you block phishing attacks and stop advanced email threats from reaching your endpoints? And how would you protect your reputation and prevent brand abuse through impersonation of your company's domain?

Ctelecoms has got the answer! As a premier Cisco partner in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh and Western KSA), Ctelecoms implements an advanced, multilayered approach to email security, enabling Saudi businesses to communicate securely and proactively defend against Business Email Compromise (BEC), ransomware, advanced malware, phishing, spoofing, spam, zero-day attacks, data loss, graymail and more - all using a single, powerful solution: Cisco Cloud Email Security.

Whether your employees are on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers, we ensure their email communications remain fully protected - no matter what.

Why Choose Cisco Email Security Solution from Ctelecoms?

Cisco Email Security includes advanced threat protection capabilities to detect, block, and remediate threats faster; prevent data loss; and secure important information in transit with end-to-end encryption.

With Cisco Email Security from Ctelecoms you can:
  • Free your mind from any IT or implementation concerns as Ctelecoms ensures rapid, no-downtime deployment of the solution across your organization.
  • Gain excellent, 24/7 IT support from our email security experts whenever needed.
  • Detect and block more threats with superior threat intelligence from Talos threat research team.
  • Combat ransomware hidden in attachments that evade initial detection with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Cisco Threat Grid.
  • Drop emails with risky links automatically and block access to newly infected sites with real-time URL analysis to protect against phishing and BEC.
  • Prevent brand abuse and sophisticated identity-based email attacks with Cisco Domain Protection (CDP) and Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection (CAPP) services.
  • Protect sensitive content in outgoing emails with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and easy-to-use email encryption, all in one solution.

Core Benefits and Features of Cisco Email Security Solution

Cisco Email Security solution blocks threats so that companies receive only legitimate emails. Ctelecoms will ensure fast, adequate implementation of your email security solution. We use multiple layers to provide the utmost in comprehensive email security, effectively incorporating preventive and reactive measures to strengthen your defense. When you choose Cisco Email Security from Ctelecoms, you will be provided with an extensive range of benefits and features including:

Maximum deployment flexibility

Whether you have a cloud, virtual, on-premises or hybrid environment, Ctelecoms experts will handle a flexible, worry-free deployment for your Cisco email security solution.

Fully Featured Manageability

Cisco Email Security provides a centralized overview dashboard so that you can seamlessly monitor and report on outbound messages.

Universal device support

Cisco Email Security ensures all users can securely access emails whenever needed, regardless of what device they're on.

Advanced Phishing Protection Capabilities

Provides defense for on-premise email deployments as well as cloud email platforms like Office 365 and GSuite. It empowers users to:

  • Proactively prevent phishing, ransomware, zero-day attacks, spoofing and BEC with no malicious payload or URL.
  • Effectively guard against attacks that use compromised accounts and social engineering.
  • Automatically remove malicious emails from users' inboxes and calls out identity deception techniques to prevent wire fraud or other advanced attacks.
  • Get detailed visibility into email attack activity, including total messages.

Advanced Domain Protection Capabilities

Also delivers sound protection for on-premise email deployment as well as cloud email platforms. It empowers you to:

  • Prevent brand abuse through impersonation of your company domain.
  • Protect customers through visibility into your internal and third-party senders who use your domain to send email on your behalf.
  • Block unauthorized senders and setup DMARC protection to reduce illegitimate emails from your domain and protect the value of your brand.
  • Increase outbound email marketing effectiveness and campaign revenue.

Advanced Spam Protection

Spam is a complex problem that demands a sophisticated solution. Ctelecoms makes it easy with Cisco Email Security that blocks unwanted emails using a multilayered scanning architecture that examines the complete context of a message, including what content the message contains, how the message is constructed, who is sending the message, and where the call to action of the message takes you. By combining these elements, Cisco Email Security stops the broadest range of threats with industry-leading accuracy.

Graymail detection and safe unsubscribe

Graymail consists of marketing, social networking, and bulk messages. The graymail detection feature precisely classifies and monitors graymail entering an organization. An administrator can then take appropriate action on each category. Often graymail has an unsubscribe link where end users can indicate to the sender that they would like to opt out of receiving such emails. Since mimicking a unsubscribe mechanism is a popular phishing technique, users should be wary of clicking these unsubscribe links. The safe unsubscribe solution provides:

  • Protection against malicious threats masquerading as unsubscribe links.
  • A uniform interface for managing all subscriptions.
  • Better visibility for email administrators and end users into such emails.

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Ctelecoms is among the top IT companies and cyber security solutions providers in KSA (Jeddah, Riyadh & Western Saudi Arabia). We provide a wide range of IT and cyber security solutions at the best price to help ensure maximum security for businesses across KSA. If you're not sure about the cyber security solution that best fits your requirements, you can take advantage of our free Security Assessment Service.