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Panduit Infrastructure Management Software for Data Centers

 2015/05/31   Cabling & Infrastructure Solutions   1689 visit(s)


As part of the SmartZone™ Solutions portfolio, the Panduit Physical Infrastructure Manager™ (PIM™) Software Platform provides complete visibility of the data center and extended enterprise through software-based automation, pre-defi ned dashboards and reports, change management, and related documentation, and combines with intelligent devices for increased functionality. In addition, the PIM™ Software Platform integrates with higher-level network management and service desk platforms to optimize data center operations.
SmartZone™ Infrastructure Management
Software Platforms
- Asset Tracking and Management
- Remote Management and Connectivity
- Capacity Planning and Management
- Power and Environmental Management
(cabinet level)
- Power and Energy Management
(facility wide)
• SmartZone™ Services
- Energy Management Services
- Physical Infrastructure Assessment Services
- Thermal Assessments and Optimization
- Implementation Services
- Design Services
• SmartZone™ Gateways
- Platform-based solutions providing scalable,
highly accurate energy, environmental, and
physical security monitoring
- Unrivaled levels of granular monitoring and
enhanced resilience utilizing a single
IP address
• SmartZone™ Intelligent Devices
- Power Monitoring Devices
- Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
- Intelligent Patch Panels
- Sensors
- Security Devices

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Panduit Infrastructure Management Software for Data Centers