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New Outlook Functionality For Smarter User Experience!

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As always, Microsoft never ceases to improve its services and empower users with incredibly powerful capabilities for the modern workplace. Take Outlook, for example, it gets easier to use, smarter and plays better with other software.

The Outlook.com team’s main focus is to make user’s email experience faster and more responsive by giving the UI a significantly speedier web experience and storing user’s data in a region that optimizes performance based on the proximity of data centers to where each user is located.

The Outlook.com team is also increasing the datacenter capacity, providing more opportunities to host user’s data closer to where each user is located. “Appropriate datacenters are now determined automatically when the user creates a new account”, the Outlook.com team says.

Besides, by hosing Outlook.com in multiple datacenters across the world, users will enjoy fault tolerance, load balancing and performance advantages.

Moving to Outlook App, there’s been plenty of new enhancements added recently. A great example of those is the Attendance tracking feature which empowers all invitees with the ability to see who accepted, declined, or even ignored the meeting invitation.

Sure, there's a ton of functionality to discover, but the basics are relatively intuitive to someone who's used Outlook.com and/or Outlook App. And with Microsoft’s unique vision of constantly adding new enhancements to its services, the future of modern technology will continue to make life easier for both individuals and organizations.

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