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5 Reasons You Will Love Office 365!

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The innovations driven by Microsoft’s cloud-first, mobile-first vision has made Office 365 the ultimate productivity platform for the modern workplace. If your goal is to create an environment where employees can utilize highly reliable platforms for exchanging ideas, having conversations, collaborating, and doing their best work, then Office 365 is an ideal solution.

Have all business apps at one place

Office 365 can kill 3 birds or more with one stone, metaphorically speaking. With its many applications under one roof, it makes work a lot easier and faster. The most famous Office 365 productivity applications include an always-up-to-date version of: the familiar Office apps (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook… etc.), Yammer, OneDrive, Teams, Bookings, Sway, Skype for Business web conferencing, Delve, Power BI, and many more.

With Office 365, users can add all these business apps in a single Office 365 home screen and access them from a single location.

Yammer, OneDrive, Teams, Bookings, Skype and a whole bunch of other impressive productivity apps are all included as FREE add-ons for Office 365 E3 subscribers.

Whether you are completely new to Office 365, or just looking for new ideas on how Office 365 can improve your productivity, here are some of our favorite features to help you get started:

1- Private Social Networks

Yammer is a private social network for organizations and is built around open communication. For example, you can use it to efficiently resolve support issues, gather feedback on projects and documents, and spread best practices. Yammer groups are a place where members can get up to speed on a project, participate in threaded discussions, and loop customers and vendors into conversations. Yammer also helps you discover relevant information, groups, files, and people so everyone can share their knowledge across departments and time zones. Yammer also helps you collaborate on documents simultaneously, work on assignments more efficiently, and establish instant and powerful project management.

2- File Storage & Sharing

With 1 TB of storage per user, you will have plenty of space for all your documents, presentations, photos, files and much, much more. Plus, because your files are stored in the cloud, you can share with people in or outside your company, from whatever location you’re working, whenever you need to. With multi-party HD video, content sharing, shared calendars, and team chat, Office 365 will keep you in sync with your team.

3- Send emails up to 150 MB each in Office 365!

There are always times when you’d prefer to send a large file as an actual attachment rather than a link. For those times, Microsoft has increased the allowed maximum message size to 150 MB, giving Office 365 administrators the ability to set the maximum message size of their choosing from 1 MB up to 150 MB.

In Office 365, you can customize the maximum allowed message size for any and all your mailboxes however you see fit.
Want to go wild and allow everyone to send and receive 100 MB size messages? Go for it. Want to restrict your employees from sending messages larger than 5 MB, while supervisors can still send up to 50, 100 or even 150 MB? No problem!

With Office 365, whatever custom configuration you want to apply, whether for one, some, or all your mailboxes you can do it—as long as it’s between 1 MB and 150 MB.

4- Advanced communication & video conferencing capabiltities

Skype for Business is the primary communication management application for any organization using Office 365. It provides the ability for up to 250 people to seamlessly collaborate online by using features such as video, audio, instant messaging, and email conversations. It also enables users to easily share desktops, applications, and documents.

Plus, users outside of the organization can easily participate, too. This will save a lot of time and energy for you, and help everyone go into discussing what’s important for the company. Office 365 provides significant value beyond just the Microsoft Office suite itself. By switching to Skype for business, your company can also benefit from low-cost calls – including international calls and calls to mobiles. This will allow you to save on the cost of business calls without skimping on the quality of your service.

5- Better Security and Accessibility

Office 365 offers premium security features coupled with built-in capabilities and customer controls to help customers meet compliance standards. These features include:

  • Data loss prevention: prevents sensitive data from leaking either inside or outside the organization while providing user education and empowerment. It also gives greater controls to your admins to apply appropriate policies and maintain protection for sensitive data.
  • Message Encryption: allows users to send encrypted email to anyone, whatever email service recipients may use.
  • Built in antivirus and antispam protection along with advanced threat protection safeguard against external threats.
  • S/MIME provides message security with certificate-based email access.
  • Azure Rights Management prevents file-level access without the right user credentials.
  • Multi-factor authentication protects access to the service with a second factor such as phone.
  • Built-in mobile device management capabilities allow you to manage access to corporate data.
  • Office 365 Cloud App Security provides enhanced visibility and control into your Office 365 environment.

At Ctelecoms we love the flexibility that the cloud and Microsoft Office365 brings to an ambitious business. Real time collaboration and anytime, anywhere access to the Office 365 suite of tools equals lower costs, greater productivity and a happier workforce. Isn’t it time you tried Office 365? Visit Ctelecoms online store.

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