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Networking Basics: All You Need To Know!

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We, ctelecoms would like to introduce a few of Microsoft's networking basics, but first you must understand how a certain network functions in order to understand both routing and switching!
Both switches and routers alike are used to operate the network by linking computers with its minor assets, they boost the linked devices to interact with one another and with other systems. Although switches and routers seem the same, they actually perform very different tasks.
Switches are one of the network basics serving as a facility that allows you to connect many of your devices with each other within a certain area, these devices can be computers, printers or servers...etc. It works as a controller that permits different devices to share information and through all this it saves you money and improves work rate.
If you are looking to pick out the best switch for you, there are two main types: managed switches and unmanaged switches:
-managed switch: Allows you to control data traffic by letting you monitor and adjust it, the user may also program a managed switch.
-unmanaged switch: such as home system devices. This one prohibits the user from making any alternations.
Routers are another basic element of networking used to access the internet and link systems together. Routers serve as dispatchers and select the best travel-course for your data to facilitate a faster reception. They have the job of examining all sent information, altering its packaging and sending it off to a different system as well as linking your work to other parts of the world and securing your data from any viruses.
So, depending on your preference, you can select the best router for you:
-Firewall- which serves as a program protecting your systems from vector attacks and monitoring all data entering your software.
-Virtual Private Network (VPN) - authorizes off-site workers to safely access your reticulum.
-IP Phone Network- connects your phone and computer to facilitate communication.

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