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Is your business as Intelligent and data-driven as it should be?

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In the world of data, accuracy is everything, and when it comes to analytics software, speed is critical. Every day, organizations of every industry collect countless data points, and the faster their analytics systems can process and interpret this information, the faster they can generate a high-fidelity view of their operations.

This is why business intelligent systems are being embraced to a great extent. Putting an analytical system in place to effectively analyze data helps businesses discover useful information, suggest conclusion and support enhanced decision making.

With its proven track record in the field of technology, Microsoft has come to the forefront with the introduction of its compelling analytics tool, Power BI. This report authoring tool allows enterprises to easily visualize and analyze their enterprise data to transform their operations.

To ensure that you invest in tools that can grow with you, take a look at five important features to look for in your next BI purchase:

• The Ability to Gather Data from Many Sources: With the power to use an application program interface (API) to gather data from disparate sources, like cloud services, streaming data, on-premises databases, and spreadsheets, you can get a holistic view of your organization in one convenient location – directly from your BI dashboard.

• Discovering Insights with Real-Time Data: In addition to gathering information from a wide range of sources, your BI tools should allow you to see that data in real time. This way, you'll have the ability to solve problems as they occur and seize opportunities the moment that they arise.

• Data Visualization Options: Because everyone processes information differently, having the ability to view data in a way that makes sense to you is important. That's why you should take care to choose a tool that offers BI reporting in a number of ways. From charts and graphs, to lists of numbers, your tool should give you a range of visualization options so that you can view your data in the way that suits you best. And for those who need to convey data to their clients, teams, or supervisors, look for tools that allow you to create reports that present the same data in different ways – this way, you can also present data in the way, or ways, that your audience prefers.

• Streamlined Reporting: By choosing a tool that has access to all of your data in a single location, BI reporting can be faster and easier than ever. And with tools that allow you to add and remove data with just the click of a button, or apply filters and slicers to help you discover insights and look for answers, you can create meaningful, actionable reports in minutes, rather than hours.

• Desktop & Mobile Apps: When you select a cloud BI solution, you can access your data on your desktop or laptop, or via an app on your tablet or mobile device. This way, all of the data you rely on will be right at your fingertips – whether you're at the office, working from home, traveling for work or at a lunch meeting with clients. And with a business intelligence solution that is updated consistently in the cloud, your IT team can focus on other tasks and projects.

All in all, if you're looking to keep pace with changes in consumer behavior, clients' needs, and trends like you never did before, then Microsoft Power BI is your one-stop platform for the latest spreadsheet tools, dashboards, reports, and data visualizations to make sense of all your data the easy way.

Originally inspired by Microsoft.

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