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What Data Center Solutions Does Ctelecoms Offer for Saudi Businesses?

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Innovative, KSA-based Datacenter Solutions from a leading IT company in KSA

When it comes to planning and implementing your IT project perfectly, it is important for your organization's IT decision makers to know exactly where and how to start, and, more importantly, who to trust to get the job done right.

If you need help in determining which purpose-built IT hardware and software are best for data center infrastructure so you can meet your goals and accomplish the desired results, Ctelecoms is always there for you. We help businesses in KSA make the most out of their IT technologies without exceeding their budgetary limitations.

Our datacenter solutions include, but are not limited to:

Datacenter Assessment

Performing work in an existing, live data center requires careful planning. Our data center assessment is an impactful way to review your existing data center and understand how it can be improved to better align with your goals and technology profile. In addition, the data center assessment services we offer will help you better understand where your data center may be at risk and how you can incrementally remediate those risks to ensure better uptime in your facility.

If you are interested learning more about your options, contact us for an assessment.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

In each case, our expert data center engineers offer a fully customized suite of data center infrastructure management solutions designed to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency, and mitigate risks to your business – all while keeping pace with ever-changing technology innovations.

Our DCIM solutions cover all aspects of environmental, power and surveillance monitoring of your data center. We help you monitor humidity, temperature, door contact, and other options remotely from network closets to data centers. Our DC products give you fully automated, real-time wire-free data center monitoring solutions that significantly reduce the time and cost of tracking and managing IT assets and the environmental conditions that surround them.

Top 3 benefits that make our DCIM solutions the best in Saudi Arabia:

1. Ctelecoms DCIM solutions provide the data granularity required for proactive and efficient management of your data center. With unprecedented visibility over the DC environment, power consumption, and cooling —it transforms complexity into simplicity. And by delivering critical information in the real time, we empower Saudi businesses to make knowledge-based decisions so they can proactively manage moves, adds and changes based on live access to holistic assets, power, environment and information processes.

2. Our DCIM solutions can also help save money associated with data center operations by uncovering stranded capacity and cutting energy usage. This proactive DCIM strategy helps data center operators keep their systems up and running all the time, effectively extend the useful life of each facility, and thoughtfully plan for future expansions.

3. With our DCIM solution, decisions are made with speed, precision and confidence—not guesswork. We utilize our in-depth expertise to identify goals, evaluate assets and implement the best practices in deploying a full DCIM system. Structured

Cabling Solutions

Are you facing cable management issues in your data center or IT infrastructure? Do you have trouble tracing cables from one piece of equipment to another? Do you have unused underfloor or overhead fiber cables that are congesting pathways, blocking airflow and making a huge mess?

Having an experienced IT partner like Ctelecoms by your side is definitely your best bet. We're here to help you design the perfect structured cabling solution for your business needs – no matter how big or small your business is, and no matter the industry.

Our customized structured cabling solutions are designed to increase uptime, optimize scalability and maximize return on investment while decreasing your technology footprint and minimizing operating expenses.

So if you’re looking to implement modular cabling infrastructure solution that can easily adapt to the ever-changing landscape of your data center hardware migrations, look no more! You’ve found Ctelecoms already!

Power Solutions

When it comes to today’s critical environments, an uninterrupted operation is essential to deliver availability and performance. The systems at the heart of your network rely on a reliable power source that accommodates the needs of your network today and tomorrow.

Ctelecoms provides technically advanced, reliable and cost-effective power solutions for your new facilities, or as part of an upgrade to your existing IT system. Our engineering and project management expertise means we can tailor power solutions to your present-day needs as well as those of tomorrow.

Data Center Airflow Management

Proper air management is among the most critical factors to improve your data center’s overall efficiency. The mixing of cold and hot air should be prevented, of course. This can be done through our cost-effective airflow management solutions, customized for your data center’s needs.

Datacenter Security Solutions

Real-time environmental monitoring is critical for today’s ever-changing data center to ensure your servers are healthy and performing at their peak.

With viruses, malware, spyware, and network threats dominating the headlines, it’s easy to forget that environmental factors like temperature, humidity, airflow, smoke and electricity can have an equally detrimental effect on your data center IT equipment.

Ctelecoms takes your datacenter’s physical security very seriously and provides a range of fully scalable environmental monitoring solutions to assess your server rooms and data centers, measuring the full spectrum of environmental factors and providing real-time data that enables you to minimize environmental risk and save money throughout the asset lifecycle.
Our Managed Server Services and Managed Network Services monitor your critical IT assets and resolve incidents, so you can refocus your staff and budget on growing your business.

Our aim is to create satisfied customers by emphasizing pre-design & planning, and to provide the best IT solutions that meet your requirements.

Hyper-converged IT solutions

All across the IT industry, hyperconvergence is widely sought for its simplicity, ease of management, and cost savings over traditional data center architectures. With a closer look, it’s easy to see how the benefits of hyperconvergence have made this solution so appealing.

Hyperconvergence is more about the business than the IT department. Improving IT infrastructure management is certainly a goal, but the true aim of hyperconvergence is to elevate business agility. There is a need in the market for a cost effective solution that can keep a business nimble enough to compete despite the constant shift of new technology and changing factors. Dell Technologies Vx-Rail solution from Ctelecoms fills that niche nicely.

Have a question or comment? Need assistance with your IT infrastructure?

Ctelecoms will help you identify your needs and balance them with the right IT solution that's feasible, reliable and affordable. Get in touch with us today and let us unleash the power of your business.

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