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Does It Make Sense To Go Hyper-converged? | Ctelecoms - Saudi Arabia

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All across the IT industry, hyperconvergence is widely sought for its simplicity, ease of management, and cost savings over traditional data center architectures. With a closer look, it’s easy to see how the benefits of hyperconvergence have made this solution so appealing.

Hyperconvergence is more about the business than the IT department. Improving IT infrastructure management is certainly a goal, but the true aim of hyperconvergence is to elevate business agility. There is a need in the market for a cost effective solution that can keep a business nimble enough to compete despite the constant shift of new technology and changing factors. Dell Technlogies Vx-Rail solution from Ctelecoms fills that niche nicely.

What Are Vx-Rail Hyper-converged Appliances?

First of all, if you're looking to understand what hyperconvergence is and why it is beneficial, you must first understand traditional data center design to see how it compares. In a standard data center today, a switch will route traffic to a collection of servers which house virtual machines on their hypervisors. Then, these servers must access the storage area network (SAN) through the storage controller in order to retrieve or store any relevant data.

When server virtualization was developed, there was a drastic reduction in the amount of equipment used in the average data center. This consolidated the data center from a sprawling series of servers to something more manageable. Our Vx-Rail hyper-convereged appliances can be seen as the next step in this consolidation trend.

VxRail is a drastically different approach to a data center. It fuses the hypervisor, server, and storage all together into a single appliance called a node. To scale the solution, you just need to deploy additional nodes.

What Are The Benefits of Vx-Rail Solution?

If you examine the components of VxRail, you will see that in the design Vx-Rail appliances include all-flash hyperconvergence solutions that are the fastest on the market today, and because VxRail appliances are managed cetrally by a single piece of software, it has become the next-gen software defined data center (SDDC) where storage, compute, and the virtual machines are all managed by that same application.

Besides consisting of less physical equipment, VxRail provides a number of important benefits to the IT environment and the business as a whole:

Start small, lower the cost

One great benefit of VxRail is that you can start small to minimise the initial investment. Then, as you need more capacity, you can simply add more nodes and the scale-out software seamlessly expands the resource pool.


In a hyperconverged infrastructure, your workloads all fall under the same administrative umbrella. This makes it easier to migrate workloads from one location to another.


Because of the node-based architecture, it is very easy to scale up your hyperconverged data center. Simply add or subtract nodes to match your resource demand.

Data protection

VxRail gives your organization the ability to protect and easily restore data in case of a disaster.

Cost efficiency

VxRail brings an affordable economic model to any IT department. Because there is less equipment to purchase, maintain, and support, the recurring costs of supporting a hyperconverged data center are extremely lower.

Start your hyper-converged journey with Ctelecoms!

By delivering virtualization, storage, compute, network, management and data protection in an easy to manage and scalable application, your organization will have the ability to seamlessly manage their complex infrastructure. Hyperconvergence is definitely emerging as a pivotal architecture for organizations of all sizes in Saudi Arabia. Not only is it cost effective, but it plays a very important role in managing a company’s infrastructure.

After all, hyper-convergence has become all the rage, and for good reason. These appliances will definitely go a long way toward making an administrator's life easier. So if you're a Saudi company looking to streamline your business operations, resolve issues faster, promote business agility and security, VxRail appliances are definitely your best bet.

For more information about how VxRail can help your business, feel free to talk to Ctelecoms experts.

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