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Considering Zoom? Here’s why you should jump from Skype right to Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork, a chat-based workspace that enables teams to be more productive by giving them a single and secure location that brings together everything a team needs: chats, meetings, calls, files, and tools. Microsoft Teams is one place for all the collaboration and meeting needs your teams have. Here’s why enterprises migrating from Skype for Business should jump right to Microsoft Teams:

1- It’s more than just meetings

Teams offers a centralized workspace with all the tools needed to get work done-not just meetings. No more toggling between apps Zoom lacks the tools built-in with Teams such as:

  • Intelligent features powered by the Microsoft Graph and cognitive services integrations
  • An integrated calendar with Outlook and Exchange
  • In-app authoring across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Specialized notetaking services with OneNote
  • Project planning tools like Planner
  • A dedicated document library
  • Real-time visualizations with Power BI
  • Enterprise grade guest access

2- Intelligent communications

  • Teams uses artificial intelligence and cognitive services to transform your calls and meetings
  • Availability to access recordings with transcribed and translated text that is indexed and searchable
  • Related files and chat history at your fingertips
  • Extend the platform to support Modern Phone System with calling plans
  • Meeting recommendations based on attendee availability

Zoom lacks the intelligent features that come with Microsoft 365.

3- Accelerating product roadmap

Teams continues to deliver enhancements at a rapid pace with more to come

Recent releases:

  • Persistent 1:1 and Group Conversations
  • Team + Channels for Teams Productivity
  • Hide/Share/Mute Chat
  • Suggested Contacts
  • Transfer to PSTN Call
  • Schedule in Outlook and Teams
  • Private and Channel Meetings

4- Roadmap commitments:

  • Broadcast Meetings
  • Cloud Recording
  • Whiteboard and Meeting Notes
  • Large Meeting Support (~250)
  • Lobby for PSTN callers
  • Outlook meeting schedule from other platforms (OWA, OLK, mobile)

5- Keep it simple

A few questions to consider:

  • Why pay for another subscription when Office 365 already supports meetings?
  • Why complicate matters for end users with “another tool”?
  • Why deal with added change management?

Simplify things for IT and your users by moving from Skype right to Teams

As part of our work to migrate you successfully from Skype to Teams, we’ll help you along the way in this journey with us.

Microsoft Teams is a game changer… as soon as you open it, you’re ready to find, share, and add information. You can even start a voice or video call right from a discussion in Teams. Get a free trial of Microsoft 365 today!

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