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Migrate to Azure confidently with Ctelecoms!

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Azure has more global regions than any other cloud provider - offering the scale needed to bring applications closer to users around the world, preserving data residency, and offering comprehensive compliance and resiliency options for customers.

At the heart of Microsoft’s Azure adoption strategy is the idea of the hybrid cloud, bridging on-premises datacenters and cloud computing. You don’t need to get rid of your old servers; instead, you connect them to the public cloud to take advantage of its scale and services, treating it as an extension of your existing datacenter.

With the most data center regions worldwide and innovative AI, machine learning, and cognitive cloud services, Microsoft Azure is a leading candidate to help drive your migration to the cloud.

And partners like Ctelecoms, a Microsoft Gold Partner & Cloud Solutions Provider in Saudi Arabia, have the migration expertise and tools to manage your cloud migration confidently and more smoothly.

What are the benefits of moving to Azure?

Transitioning your business-critical workloads from on-premise to Azure offers huge benefits for your business, including:
✔ Reduced costs – moving spend from CAPEX to OPEX and paying only for the number of actual users of a Microsoft license.
✔ Streamlined Management: Azure gives you the ability to add or remove users at the click of a button, and upgrade licenses to suit business requirements and corporate strategy.
✔ Data backup - use Azure backup to protect your data as well as applications and avoid costly business interruptions.
✔ Disaster Recovery for all major IT systems without the need to buy new infrastucture.
✔Advanced security - securely extend your on-premises backup storage and data archiving to the cloud, leverage advanced threat intelligence, and meet compliance requirements.
✔ Simplified payment – One monthly Microsoft bill from one provider (Ctelecoms)

The benefits outlined above mean significant savings over traditional on-premises licensing, with its 1-3 year upfront CAPEX spend, and your business will no longer have to purchase licenses for what’s believed to be the maximum number of users over the year.

Migrate your applications, data, and infrastructure confidently and with lower risks and increased productivity. Get in touch with Ctelecoms today.

Beat The End of Support for Windows Server & SQL Server 2008!

End of support is coming for two commonly deployed server products. This means the end of regular security updates.

Don't let your infrastructure and applications go unprotected. We're here to help you migrate your current versions for greater security, performance and innovation.

• Support ends for SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 on July 9, 2019
• Support ends for Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 on January 14, 2020

Modernize your applications, data, and infrastructure confidently. Ready to get started? Contact Ctelecoms team!

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