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Going Paperless & Health Care | Fotopia Document Management Solution

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Not every test result is going to be serious, but a delay in retrieving it can make a patient feel neglected. Fotopia Document Management Solution is fast and simple, getting all records there in no time.

By digitizing patients’ records, Fotopia brings all reports into one place. making it easier for doctors to quickly retrieve and access notes on the care of their patients – no matter where they are.

Go Paperless: Never waste another second!

You modern, data-driven business won’t wait for the paper pushers to keep up. Only Fotopia’s intelligent scanning technology can deliver the efficiency and peace of mind you’re looking for, so you can focus on growing your business. With Fotopia, your documents are only a few clicks away, so never have to worry about finding a document ever again. Fotopia View and Capture suite consists of two powerful applications: Fotopia Capture & Fotopia Viewer.

Designed to help businesses in Saudi Arabia to save time, money, and the inevitable frustration that can stem from a simple mistake or human error, Fotopia View & Capture Suite will add tangible value to any organization, irrespective of size or dynamics. And of course, based on your business needs, you can choose either to buy a standalone Fotopia View, Fotopia Capture or opt for the complete Fotopia View & Capture Suite that offers you the best of both worlds.

No more piles of paper that need archiving and might get misplaced, lost or distorted. Once you’ve digitized all your documents using Fotopia, you will be able to cut down or even eliminate printing costs, reduce time and effort taken to retrieve documents, promote productivity and solidify your patient’s trust in the service you offer. Contact Ctelecoms Today!