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What is a Modern Workplace and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

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Introducing the Modern Workplace

With the ever-evolving world of technology and employee’s needs, creating a modern workplace is designed to keep up with the millennial demand for a more flexible way of working.

A modern workplace isn’t just a business implementing the latest technologies but transforming their internal systems and business practices by improving the way they interact with customers, partners and employees. By noticing and identifying the gaps in today’s working environment, Microsoft recognised that they could provide a complete, intelligent solution including Office 365, Windows 10 Security and Enterprise Mobility + Security that empowers everyone to work together securely.

That’s right, we’re talking about Microsoft 365 Business. With Microsoft 365 Business, SMBs can deploy a more mobile, collaborative working environment that is both productive and secure – without incurring the complications and costs of purchasing the solutions separately.

How Can a Modern Workplace Help Your Business?

So, now that we’ve established what a modern workplace is – how can it help your business? We’ve grouped together different scenarios and how Microsoft 365 and modern workplace thinking can help with this:

Scenario 1: Reduce your security risk

Microsoft 365 Business is made up of all the security features of Windows 10 Pro – including Windows Defender Management controls, which allow you to manage your security controls within one product. This gives you peace of mind with a consistent set of security settings for your business.

Scenario 2: Protect your data and devices

Microsoft 365 is built with enterprise-grade security in mind, but at a price that you can afford. Each user will automatically receive all the latest security updates from Office 365 and Windows 10, ensuring their business data is protected across devices, against every new threat. 

Scenario 3: Stay productive on the go

For businesses with remote workers, their employees will need to be able to work collaboratively – even on the go. SharePoint team sites provides a set of tools integral for collaboration, including (via Outlook) a group calendar, a planner for task management, and a group inbox. With this feature in Microsoft 365 – your employees can effectively run a business from wherever they may be working.

Scenario 4: Stay connected, even offline

Microsoft 365 keeps your team in touch and productive whilst on the go, on any device – and can even auto-sync after working offline on a laptop.

Scenario 5: Sync files automatically

Working on the go means being able to work across multiple devices whilst doing day to day activities such as waiting for appointments, commuting or working from home. That’s why thanks to OneDrive, files stay synced so employees have access to the latest version of each document, no matter where they are. 

Scenario 6: Get up and running fast

Deploying and managing users, devices and apps on Microsoft 365 is simple and straightforward. Your customers won’t be heavily relying on you to deploy everything for them as no IT expertise is needed. A single admin console gives the administrator control over who can access what data within their business, and the administrator can add or remove user accounts within minutes.

So, is a modern workplace the right thing for you and your customers?

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