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4 Must-Have Security Tools for Every Business

 2019/12/10   IT & Cyber-Security Solutions   1275 visit(s)


The business environment is growing rapidly, and with this enormous growth, threats are doomed to arise. Many firms understand the importance of security and its future effects. However, some small businesses don't understand the full impact of not having powerful cyber-security in place whether due to limited budget or lack of resources.

Here is a list of 4 essential tools that organizations can use to leverage their security posture – without overwhelming their budget:

 Tool #1: Next-Generation Firewalls.

Imagine having a security guard at all of your network's entry-points. This guard stops any harmful or damaging traffic that could threaten your business, users or network. The important point about next-gen firewalls is the fact that they stop the spread of viruses from one device to another. Keep in mind that all devices come with an already installed firewall. However, it would be wiser to invest in a next-gen enterprise-grade firewall that can handle all kinds of threats.

Tool #2: Antivirus.

Antiviruses are the second layer of defense for your security system. Before we go any further with this list, you need to understand that multi-layered protection is much more capable of safe-guarding your business than a single security solution.  That would be the main reason why technicians advise businesses to have an antivirus besides the firewall. Having an antivirus in place would help catch any threats – if they surpass your initial firewall defenses. It’s also capable of scanning your entire system, network, devices and end-points for any anomalous, suspicious or malicious patterns. Any threat caught by the antivirus is handled in a precise manner by asking you about the required action or making the call by its self.

Tool #3: Spam Protection

Spams are the hackers’ favorite means of spreading malware, viruses and ransomware. Hackers have been using spams from ages and shock shock shock! It still preforms marvelously to their favor, definitely not yours as a business owner or as just a simple user. So, having protection against spams will not only increase your security posture tremendously but also keep your business away from this nuisance. They also help keeping your inbox clean and secure. Spam protection software stops emails with potential threats form landing into your inbox. It also prevents employees from mistakenly downloading an infected or harmful attachment or file. 

Tool #4: Content Filtering.

The best solution against insider threats or employees who can't stay away from social media at work is limiting their access to sites they don't need to get the job done. Content filtering is divided into two main categories: Web Filtering and E-mail Filtering. Web Filtering is the filtering or "screening" of websites and web pages, while the E-mail Filtering is the screening of e-mails for spams or any malicious content. By controlling access - in a reasonable manner - for individual users, your business will gain another layer of protection, escalating the overall cyber-security.

We can offer you further explanation about these and many other security tools that are available in the market. All you need to do is leave a message to our expert team, and they will send you all the details you wish to know. Also, don't forget to take a tour in our store to learn more about our simplified, yet powerful security solutions.

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