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The New Office App for Android and iOS Now Generally Available!

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Ever since it was first introduced as a public review a few months ago, Microsoft Office App has successfully become the go-to application for getting work done on mobile devices – thanks to the terrific combination of Word, Excel & PowerPoint that offers a unique mobile experience to help people create content and accomplish more.

And the great news is that the Office app is out of public preview and now generally available worldwide for anyone using Android and/or iOS phones.

Download Microsoft Office App for Android

Download Microsoft Office App for iOS

Hundreds of millions of people use Office to achieve more at work, home, and school. Microsoft realizes know many people save rich document creation or editing for their computer or laptop and work on their phones in limited ways, so they took this as a challenge for Office to find a better overall productivity experience that would change perceptions of how people could work on a mobile device to create an experience that was simpler, more integrated, harnessed the unique strengths of mobile devices, and truly put mobile needs at the forefront.

Key Benefits Of The Office App:

Simplified Combination of Word, Excel & PowerPoint

Thanks to the seamless integration between Word, Excel and PowerPoint, users now enjoy not only a simplified experience with fewer apps to download or switch between, but also a truly minimized requirement for phone storage while maintaining virtually all the capabilities of the existing mobile apps people already know and use.

Smarter Lens Technology Integration

Unleash the power of your camera with capabilities like converting images into editable Word and Excel documents, scanning PDFs, and capturing whiteboards with automatic digital enhancements to make the content easier to read.

Better Flexibility For Getting Things Done Faster

The New Office App adds new functionality for common tasks people often encounter when working on a phone—things like making quick notes, signing PDFs, scanning QR codes, and transferring files between devices. Altogether, the Office app is a powerful tool that is intuitive and familiar yet still uniquely different.

But that’s not all! Microsoft apparently never seems to stop at this point as promises of more features to come soon have already been made. So here’s what you can expect in the very near future:

• Word Dictation—Let Word turn your voice into written text and use voice commands and simple toolbars to easily apply the right formatting and punctuation you need.

• Excel Cards View—View and edit data in an Excel table row in a simple, digestible card format so you do not have span across columns that extend beyond the limits of the screen.

• Outline to PowerPoint—Write your presentation content as a simple outline and let PowerPoint Designer turn it into presentable slides with the proper styling, formatting, and iconography of your content.

Get started with the Office app!

Anyone can now download the Office app on phones for Android and iOS. The app is free to use, even without signing in. However, signing in with a Microsoft Account or connecting to a third-party storage service will enable you to access and store documents in the cloud. An Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription will also unlock various premium features, consistent with those in the current Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. Download the Office app now and discover a whole new way to organize your work and get things done for work, for home, and for school. 

Download Microsoft Office App for Android

Download Microsoft Office App for iOS

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