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Spark A Revolution Working From Home Using Microsoft Teams (6 Months Free)

 2020/03/18   Microsoft Cloud Solutions   1580 visit(s)


Apart from offering a free 6-month-trial of Microsoft Teams to empower each and every business in Saudi Arabia to work as efficiently and productively as never before, Ctelecoms blog for today presents to you  six great reasons why you and your employees should be using Microsoft teams.

What is Teams?

Equipped by an array of collaborative features, Microsoft Teams is probably the best modern-day unified communication and collaboration platform (or centralized hub) for turning complex daily tasks into a simple and easy process – no matter where you’re using it from. 

Why should you use Teams?

  1. Easy to book meetings (easy-breezy)
  2. Everything is in one place(improves collaboration and communication)
  3. It’s already included in your Office 365 licence(how could you complain!)
  4. Improved security(which is much needed)
  5. Cost and time effective(two things that are always precious)
  6. Teamwork makes the dreamwork 

Now let’s get started with some details:

  1. Meetings: Whether you need to make a call to your manager, video call a client across the pond (even if they don’t have teams, they can join as a guest) or you need to share your screen with your team to collaborate on a project you’re working on, to discuss details, ideas and opinions. Teams is a god send! Easily set up meetings within Outlook, sending a calendar invite to attendees or set up a Teams meeting directly through the application.
  2. Easy to Access: Team projects have never been this organized! After you’ve created your team and invited the team members, you can import files and spreadsheets as well as customize your team with the variety of applications available, including SharePoint, PowerPoint, Excel and Word.
  3. Free to Download: You’ve probably tried and tested various platforms and applications in the search for the right, best and easiest one to communicate and organize daily tasks with your team. Microsoft Teams is now freewith plenty of improved functions to facilitate collaboration and communication.
  4. 24/7 Security: When it comes to security, we know that protecting your data is so important, especially due to reputation and data regulations. Microsoft Teams has industry-leading compliance commitments that are enabled by default so you can rest assured you and your employees’ security is taken care of.
  5. Cost And Time Savings: Set meetings up in seconds, get quick answers from your team via the chat function and improve productivity with the teams tab by collaboratively being able to work together on the same document at the same time.
  6. Teamwork: With fewer emails chain[ing] you to your desk and making you go insane, the chat function makes conversing those quick one liner questions an easy rather than draining process. You are able to stay connected whilst on the move, enabling team collaboration no matter where you are. When you combine all of the benefits above, the choice to go with Microsoft Teams seems pretty simple.

Let's not let Coronavirus impede our productivity and stunt our growth! Start your free 6-month Microsoft Teams trial!

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