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How To Stay Awake & Avoid The Dark Web Nightmares

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Hello everyone!

In our previous blog, we shed light on what the Dark Web is and how it can affect your personal and business lives. Today we’re focusing on what you can do to avoid falling victim for the Dark Web and any of its agenda.

Stop Making Your Business A Prime Target: Beware The Dark Web!

Attracted by the prospect of easy money, cyber criminals search for those organizations who underspend on protection, who have employees untrained to spot security risks, and who subscribe to woefully out-of-date or cheap practices to protect their data. As a result, dozens of small businesses in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world have been hacked, while almost 60 percent of them are forced to close their doors within six months.

Most business owners have no idea the danger they’re putting their livelihood in by leaving cyber security up to chance, while in fact they must never underestimate the continually sophisticated tactics and software available to hackers today, but – well –  the saddening truth is that with so many unwitting victims, most criminals don’t even need to work that hard to net a six-figure income. By sticking to two tried-and-tested tools of the trade — phishingransomware and the subtle art of guessing users’ passwords — hackers leech comfortably off the earnest efforts of small businesses all over the world.

What Should You Do To Stay Safe?

So, what’s to be done? Well, first things first: You need to educate yourself and your team by following these simple steps:

  • Protect your organization against phishing by fostering a healthy skepticism of any email that enters your inbox. Make it a habit of hovering over hyperlinks to check their actual destination before you click. If an email is coming from someone you know, but the email address is different, verify it with the other party. Learn how to spot a phishing attack.
  • Never, ever send passwords or personal details to anyone over the internet if you can avoid it.

Speaking of passwords, you probably need to upgrade yours. The majority of folks use the same password for everything from their Facebook account to their business email. The fact that this includes your employees should make you shudder. It may not seem like a big deal — who’s going to take the time to guess VvGyUUuioP0? — but aside from the fact that simple software enables hackers to guess even complicated passwords in minutes, that’s not even usually necessary. If you keep all your passwords the same across sites, it won’t take them long to dig into your most precious assets. To avoid this, implement a strict set of password regulations for your business, preferably incorporating two-factor authentication and mandatory password changes every few weeks.

Get an expert help!

Of course, you can read up on hacking techniques and teach them to your team until you’re blue in the face, and a data breach can still occur. Cybercrime is constantly evolving, and staying abreast of its breakneck pace takes a dedicated awareness of the latest protective tools and measures. That’s why your single best weapon to defend you against the hackers at your door is to find a managed service provider (MSP), like Ctelecoms, with a strong background in defending against digital threats to partner with your organization. We not only help you regularly monitor your network, but also keep it updated with the latest patches and measures to prevent the worst. And if crisis somehow still strikes, we’ll be able to get your network back up in minutes rather than days, equipped with an expert knowledge of your systems and years of experience in the field.

In today’s digital world, leaving your cyber security up to a subpar antivirus and some wishful thinking is more than irresponsible — it’s an existential threat to your company. But with a little savvy, a bit of investment and a second opinion on the circumstances of your company’s security, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what comes, you’re protected. Now, if you’re ready to be on that level , let’s talk!

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