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Top Reasons to choose Dell Technologies PowerStore over Pure FlashArray

 2020/10/13   Unified Communications & Networking Solutions   1831 visit(s)  2 min to read

PowerStore is Dell Technologies next generation storage appliance. It provides customers with an infrastructure that will accelerate digital transformation. Designed for the data era, PowerStore supports both traditional and modern workloads, from the core, to the edge and the cloud. But why should you opt for PowerStore over Pure FlashArray anyway?

Top Reasons to choose Dell Technologies PowerStore over Pure FlashArray

1- Future-proof program bnow with Anytime Upgrades for PowerStore, with three-year satisfaction guarantee5

2- Dell Technologies incentive programs to make trade-in cost effective6
3- Native migration tools included to let you automate entire migrations directly from the PowerStore Manager wizard
4- Unmatched Agility with AppsON Technology PowerStore with AppsON brings applications closer to the data with the only purposed-built array with a built-in VMware ESXi Hypervisor1
5- Anytime Upgrades Program The industry’s most flexible controller upgrade program2
6- Scale Up and Out for Flexible Growth PowerStore appliances can grow to 898 TB of capacity, and up to 4 PowerStore appliances can be clustered for scale out benefits3
7- Persistent NVMe Flash and SCM Drive Support Purpose-built to support NVMe Flash and Storage Class Memory (SCM) drives.
8- Guaranteed Data Efficiency Always-on inline data reduction includes 4:1 guarantee4 without an assessment
9- Remarkable Flexibility with Unified Storage PowerStore is designed to support block, file and vVols natively on a single system.
Certainly, there are too many more reasons why PowerStore is the Ultimate Midrange Storage solution for the Data Era.
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