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Why Software-Defined Storage Matters in 2020 and Beyond

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Software-defined storage (SDS) enables users and organizations to abstract storage resources from the underlying hardware platform for greater flexibility, efficiency and faster scalability by making storage resources programmable.
From reducing TCO and increasing ROI, to the benefits of automation and predictive analytics, SDS is a must-have for every organization in Saudi Arabia.
The rapid evolution of technology has taken the status quo to the next level. With software that simplifies management and improves IT services, what was manual can now be automated, what was bound to specialized IT resources can now be easily migrated, and what forced a single vendor strategy will now be a best buy.
Certainly, introducing software-defined infrastructure to the IT world has revolutionized the way IT infrastructures are designed and managed. Especially for the storage fabric, the software-defined technology has broken new ground in allowing extreme flexibility and agility that never existed before. 
IT teams can now gain unprecedented control for storing, protecting and assessing data beyond the hardware-bound rigidity of silos and lock-ins – thanks to the abstraction of data services from the storage hardware.
Today’s blog will dive into why software-defined storage (SDS) matters to organizations of every size and industry and how its adoption can drive outstanding results.

Get the Most Out of Your Current Storage Investments

Many organizations do not have the luxury of expenditure and every penny spent needs to yield maximum return. SDS allows you to take advantage of your existing datacenter investments and maximize their value before throwing more hardware at your problems. The end result: reduced storage costs.
An SDS solution, when implemented in your datacenter, will pool disaggregated storage resources from different makes and models of storage gear. In addition to various high-end data services for your storage resources, this allows your team to manage capacity provisioning from a central location. SDS lets you exploit every last GB of storage available in your current devices by balancing load and optimizing capacity uniformly before falling short of free space on your premium storage equipment and rushing ahead on the impulse to scale out. Don’t let storage expenses break the bank.

Integrate New Technologies Non-disruptively

When you expand your datacenter, refresh your storage gear or leverage new types of storage, there’s always the possibility that business operations can be disrupted and application availability impacted.
Our SDS solution eliminates the dependency between an application and its physically connected storage hardware. Your IT staff can use SDS to migrate data between storage devices seamlessly without the application realizing where it is storing its data (logical connections replacing physical connections); your apps won’t need to know what’s happening under the hood. And with no disruption to business continuity, you can integrate new technologies into your infrastructure or even rebuild it. 

Automate Like Never Before

Cutting down on manual storage tasks such as inspecting every device for capacity usage and availability, migrating data over from premium to secondary storage, replicating data manually from one site to another, etc. will save your IT staff significant time and effort. Our SDS solution offer built-in capabilities to automate many tasks, including storage pooling, data placement on storage systems (including the cloud) based on business objectives, load balancing, synchronous mirroring, asynchronous replication, snapshots, deduplication, compression, and more. Let your IT staff focus on their core areas of expertise rather than having to spend time on manual and repetitive storage-related tasks. From a CIO’s perspective, this significantly improves IT operational efficiency.

Gain the Foresight to Future-proof Your Datacenter

As a decision-maker, you need to able to plan and prepare your IT infrastructure for future growth or changing business needs. Your fastest storage may run out of capacity or be bottlenecked by increasing workload. With AI-driven analytics and insights, SDS enables IT teams to understand I/O trends and storage usage patterns to predict when your devices will run out of capacity. This allows you to be proactive and prepare for scaling up or scaling out as required by the business and also pre-emptively solve problems that may impact storage performance. Increase your readiness for tomorrow, today.

Transform Your IT Infrastructure into a Business Enabler

For years, software-defined storage solutions have been a cornerstone driving the success of key IT initiatives such as digital transformation, datacenter modernization, hybrid cloud, hyperconvergence, big data, web scale IT, and so on. With SDS, you can transform your IT infrastructure into an autonomous and intelligent business enabler with the potential to impact both the top line and bottom line of your company. If you're ready to adopt SDS for your organization, but not sure where to get started or who can give you the best deal at the best service, get in touch with Ctelecoms today. Our well-trained team of technicians will give you exactly what you need, and more.

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