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You Think Phishing Awareness Training Is Not important? Think Again!

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Did you know that over 90,000 unique phishing campaigns are launched every month? With phishing and other social engineering campaigns making today’s #1 attack vector, it’s important that employees are empowered to recognize and report phishing attempts. Buy why not throw the weight on cybersecurity software shoulders? Because technical means alone cannot completely prevent a phishing attack. That’s where phishing awareness comes in. Phishing awareness training educates employees on how to spot and report suspected phishing attempts, to protect themselves and the company from cybercriminals, hackers, and other bad actors who want to disrupt and steal from your organization.

How & Why opt for Phishing Awareness Training?

Simulating phishing attacks on your workforce allows you to assess the maturity of your organization regarding its security awareness posture, and subsequently, develop effective phishing awareness training initiatives. Put your users to the test and see where they stand in terms of their security awareness knowledge and skills.

Start with Employee Training

Phishing awareness training starts with educating your employees on why phishing is harmful, and empowering them to detect and report phishing attempts. Depending on your organization’s culture, you can deliver this initial training via a written document, an online video, company or department meetings, classroom training, of some combination of the above.

Create Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Experience is the best teacher. When employees click on a link or an attachment in a simulated phishing email, it's important to communicate (nicely, of course) to them that they have potentially put both themselves and the organization at risk. You can then display a “training page” that reinforces the dangers of phishing and reminds the employees how to report suspect emails.
Of course, we offer PhishMe to help businesses and organizations in Saudi Arabia create customized phishing campaigns that will help reinforce employee training and improve workforce resiliency.

Monitor Results and Improve

Use the results, such as the attack types that were most successful and which teams were most vulnerable, to focus your security monitoring, strengthen your phishing awareness training, and add additional defenses for phishing protection. You can also use the results to track the progress of your phishing awareness program and document improvements.

Why Choose PhishMe for your cybersecurity awareness strategy?

Cofense PhishMe is designed to change risky behavior and enable employees to recognize and report phishing emails. The Cofense methodology deliver hands-on experience with safe examples and on-the-spot education opportunities. The Cofense research teams use real phishing emails to create timely examples and content focused on today's greatest threats such as: 
Business Email Compromise (BEC)
Spear phishing attacks
Social engineering attacks
Malware and malicious attachments
Drive-by attacks
Advanced conversational phishing attacks
Credential Phishing
HTTPS Spoofing
Cofense PhishMe simulates those active phishing threats to condition smarter user behavior. It's the opposite of phish testing, which assesses vulnerability but fails to change behavior through continual learning. Unlike machines, humans can't be patched. People remain aware of threats through phishing awareness training, practicing regularly, and remaining invested in organizational defense.
Would you like to give PhishMe a try? Get in touch with Ctelecoms today!

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