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What Are the Advantages of Data Center Renovation?

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Move or renovate? It is the classic dilemma when it comes to data centers. When technology moves a mile per minute and everything from applications to infrastructure is constantly evolving, a data center must evolve along with it. Otherwise, it will find itself outdated, inefficient, or in need of a move.
But, how do you know when you should renovate your data center? Our short video below will give you a pretty clear answer to that question. 


Now the question is..

What are the benefits your business can reap when you renovate your data center?

Data center renovation offers your IT facilities and business a great deal of advantages by enabling you to:
Promote Performance and Improve Efficiencies - Data Center Renovations are one path data center and IT managers can take to improve the performance of the underlying facility infrastructure to support IT load requirements, increase available space, and improve overall reliability of their facilities.
Troubleshoot Faster & Make Unprecedented Cost-savings - Most of the time renovating a data center may be less expensive than building new, as datacenter renovation helps you establish a realistic and thorough budget estimate. Moreover, renovation helps datacenter managers keep a good grasp on energy efficiency and infrastructure with a well-functioning Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) plan, which empowers them to manage data center more efficiently and anticipate major problems before they even arise. In fact, there are many other advantages your business can take by implementing our robust DCIM solution.
Avoid Cable Congestions & Make Tracing A Breeze - having a structured cabling infrastructure will help you easily trace where each component of your cabling system goes and solve any issues that your data center might experience. Our team is specialized in providing well-organized, high speed network cables so you always have a top-quality solution that scales up to support your future growth and give you the best value of money.
Monitor and Have Real Time Reports on Your Datacenter Operations – our datacenter renovation solutions give you richer and deeper insights into the data center operations and performance metrics, helping you track, analyze, and generate real-time reports, so you're capable of making well-informed decisions and immediate actions accordingly.
Promote Datacenter Security – If the security posture of your data center is lacking, you are putting your entire business at risk. Physical security breaches can lead to high value equipment, such as server units, being damaged or stolen, services being interrupted and confidential information falling into the wrong hands. Besides, humidity, water leakage and rising temperature can lead to equally catastrophic consequences. Our datacenter physical security solutions are designed to ensure all your facilities are adequately protected, monitored and secured to prevent all potential threats.

Helping Businesses and Organizations in Saudi Arabia Make the Most of their data center infrastructure

Does your current data center require renovation or upgrading? Our engineers can assist you in the construction or renovation works of your data center, from the definition of specifications to the very final stages of implementation and testing. Get in touch with our expert team to see hoe we can help you simplify IT, promote efficiencies, boost performance, shore up your defences and make the most of your data center.

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