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Boosting Security With Cisco Secure Endpoint | Ctelecoms

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Formerly AMP for Endpoints, Cisco Secure Endpoint now comes with three efficient packages: Essentials, Advantage and Premier.
Today’s blog sheds light on each of them so you can probably gain insight into how to choose the right package that best fits your business's needs.
First of all, Secure Endpoint provides extensive PDR and XDR capabilities to continually detect and respond to threats, using advanced cross-control detection and response, endpoint isolation, thread hunting and other attack surface reduction capabilities.

For clients looking for next-generation antivirus that stops today’s complex attacks, Secure Endpoint entry-level essentials package provides dynamic, multi-fasted prevention than combines behavioral analytics, machine learning and signatures to keep advanced threats from compromising your endpoints.
Secure Endpoint provides a quick overview of your current state, including compromises, quarantines and vulnerabilities detected. It includes an inbox to take quick action against compromise hosts, as well as an active running list of all events within your environment that provides actionable information about detections, including host name, file name, and detection time as well as severity level and event types.
You can also see more information about this event by looking at the Device Trajectory where you can get an overview of every event the host has performed as well as event details for each dot so you can take immediate action and isolate the host from the network until triage cleans the host.
Also, automated actions enable this to happen automatically based on a security criteria set by your security analysts.
Secure Endpoints Advantage Package includes orbital, advanced search and secure malware analytics. These additional features help you remediate faster and completely, providing extensive PDR and XDR capabilities to continually detect and respond to threats, while Unified Malware Analysis and Content Threat Intelligence includes static and dynamic (or sandboxing) analysis to correlate results. 
If you want to add an active, managed threat-hunting practice to your environment, Secure Endpoint’s Premier Package now offers SecureX Threat Hunting. Powered by Cisco threat-hunting team, your organization will receive high-fidelity alerts with recommendations delivered directly into the management console. Threat hunting provides you with a complete report of an incident with a real threat hunting analysts incident on your dashboards, including computers infected, timeline of events, network connections, URLs and IPs of the event. The report comes with a step-by-step remediation method, and each Cisco Secure Endpoint Package comes with a built-in platform called SecureX.
SecureX is a simple, unified and efficient cloud native security platform that’s available directly within the console.
If you're a Saudi organization/business looking to promote your endpoint security and unify protection for your users, we invite you experience the marvels of Cisco Secure Endpoint. Claim your free trial from Ctelecoms today and see for yourself.

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