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Cisco Duo | Promoting Network Security & Workforce Productivity

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Your workforce needs access to business-critical information residing on your corporate network and in the cloud. For a strong foundation, VPN connectivity should be matched with the highest level of security. It starts with Cisco FirePower Next-Generation Firewalls for deep visibility and control to detect and stop threats faster, automatically preventing breaches with the latest security protections from Cisco Talos Threat Intelligence Team.
But what happens when an attacker steals employee’s VPN credentials and gains access to your network? Well, they can masquerade as an employee obtaining sensitive information and disrupt business operations. So how do we get ahead of this security risk and prevent the user’s stolen credentials?
Duo Multifactor Authenticaiton adds another layer of defense around the identity perimeter by verifying a user and establishing trust, making breaches from stolen credentials a thing of the past.
Duo is built in the cloud and has native integration with Cisco AnyConnect and FirePower Next-gen Firewalls. Duo’s multifactor authentication is easy to use and deploy, and it offers the convenience of several authentication methods based on your specific use case, such as Duo Push, which is the most secure and user-friendly.
Duo also extends beyond your network to your cloud applications when users are off the VPN, ensuring the same level of access security across all employees and applications – whether on-premises or in the cloud. Pairing the industry’s most effective next-gen firewalls and VPN with the easiest, most loved multifactor authentication solution ensures your organization is protected.
Here’s a look at other Duo integrations and their core purposes:

Securing Your Remote Access

Duo’s integration with Cisco ASA VPN provides strong user authentication and device security hygiene check and visibility. This integrated solution provides security admins the ability to enforce consistent user and device-based access policy for VPN access and thereby reduce risk for data breaches and meet compliance requirements.

Securing Your DNS

Cisco Umbrella (previously OpenDNS) is a cloud security platform that provides the security at DNS layer. Umbrella identifies malicious domains, IPs, detects anomalies and predicts emerging threats. It often provides first line of defence against the threats originating from internet and therefore protecting logins into Umbrella is critical to maintain integrity of security infrastructure. Duo is integrated with Umbrella to provide strong user authentication, device security hygiene check and visibility thereby ensuring access to Umbrella is not compromised.

Securing Your Cloud Apps

Duo’s integration with Cisco WebEx offers a variety of methods for adding two-factor authentication and flexible security policies to WebEx SSO logins. Duo layers strong authentication and a flexible policy engine on top of WebEx logins using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 authentication standard. Duo authenticates your users using existing on-premises or cloud-based directory credentials and prompts for two-factor authentication before permitting access to WebEx.
To get started or learn more about Duo, feel free to get in touch with Ctelecoms team.
Reference: Cisco.com

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