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What is VMware Horizon?

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Nowadays, people tend to make use of every minute of every day, and that means working on the go. And to be productive you need to access business accounts and files from your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

One tool that would help you majorly is VMware Horizon.

Vmware Horizon will allow IT departments to run virtual desktops and applications on-premises or cloud and remotely deliver these desktops and applications.

Why all that? So end-users can access their personalized virtual desktops or applications from company laptops, their own personal devices, client devices, Macs, or smartphones.

What is the architecture of VMware Horizon?

So before diving into the features, let’s dissect and understand how VMware Horizon works? First of all, we have 3 types of Horizon:

  • on-premises
  • in the cloud
  • combination of hybrid and multi-cloud architectures

Horizon Cloud delivers the same services as the on-premises Horizon but uses a slightly different architecture.

Key architectural components?

Since hybrid or multi-cloud architecture is a combination of both cloud and on-premises deployment, we’ll dissect this architecture since it combines everything we want.

The architecture demonstrated above is made up of the following components:

VMware Horizon Console

The console UI puts you in charge where you can configure the servers, deploy and manage desktops, control authentication plus initiate and test the system and user events.

VMware Horizon Client

This software allows users to connect to their Virtual Machines from any device no matter what operating system they use.

VMware Horizon Control Plane

This will allow you to unify and simplify management across Horizon instances configured for the cloud or what we call “pods”, which provides monitoring and management of images, applications, and lifecycle.

VMware Unified Access Gateway

Security is the number one concern when it comes to remote work. This feature provides secure remote access to Horizon for users who are outside the corporate network.

Horizon Connection Servers

This feature allows authentication for end-users through Active Directory AD. Securely connect users to Horizon Agent, which has been installed on the desktops and RDS Hosts.

Horizon Cloud Connector

This application connects Horizon 7 or Horizon 8 implementations to the Horizon Cloud Service.

VMware Horizon can be delivered on-premises or on a variety of public clouds built on both VMware vCloud Foundation and cloud-native platforms.

VMware Horizon Agent

This feature allows Virtual Machines to be managed by Connection Servers and allows Horizon Client to form a protocol session to the VM.

VMware Workspace ONE Access

This identity and access management solution is included with Horizon. It provides end-users with an application catalog to access Horizon desktops and applications, web apps, and SaaS apps through a browser.

RDSH Servers

RDSH stands for Remote Desktop Session Host.

The RDSH server farms and virtual desktop pools were created from golden images to provide published applications and session-based remote desktops to end-users.

VMware vSphere

This feature hosts the components of your Horizon architecture, including server VMs, desktop VMs, RDSH server VMs etc..

VMware Horizon key features

Here are the features that will make you as a business owner take VMware Horizon as an option:

Features that benefit the IT team

As a part of the IT team or if you are an IT admin, the following features will benefit you greatly:

Streamlines image management

You can centrally manage and distribute desktops images across VMware Horizon environments on-premises and on the cloud in order to save both time and cost!  Easily stage updates or image roll-backs, track changes, and automate image replication in multiple locations.

Application management

Easily simplify application delivery by packing each application once and deploying it across multiple Horizon environments.

Reduce image count, maintenance and complexity of application packaging by managing the application separately from the images.

Centralized monitoring

You can make use of the real-time health monitoring of the user session or single user interface. Not to mention leveraging help desk service to quickly troubleshoot user sessions with detailed metrics.

Flexible hybrid and multi-cloud deployment options

Deploy and manage virtual desktops and applications on-premises or in the public cloud, like Microsoft Azure, Vmware cloud on AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, and other partner cloud providers.

Multi-OS support

Whatever your preferred OS is, with Horizon you can deliver Windows and Linux resources at scale across multiple data centers.

Not to mention, the ability to publish applications from Windows and Linux servers or Windows Desktop.


Features that benefit end-users

As for end-users, we are listing the features that will interest them the most, and would make working remotely a whole new experience:

Access your desktop easily from any device

The previously mentioned software - VMware Horizon Client - is available on any device of choice.

In order to access your desktop and applications, all you have to do is connect to the Virtual Machine from a Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Chromebook, or any Android device.

The alternative is using a web browser as an HTML client, also you can download Horizon Client from: my.vmware.com

Improved user experience

When delivering Windows as a Service (WaaS) you make sure that your user is getting the best experience no matter what device they’re using to log in from, each user sees only what is assigned to them and nothing else.

That makes the smoothest and easiest user experience where everything is at the user’s fingertips.

Optimized experience with unified communication and collaboration

This feature offers you optimized audio and video support for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, WebEx, and other collaboration tools.

Streamlined access

We all hate logging in and having to type passwords each time, so you can simplify access with the Single-Sign-On option. The end-user would sign in only once and get access to all desktops and applications they need.

High-definition, intensive graphics display options

Using Blast Extreme display protocol, you can deliver a new and rich experience. This protocol allows you to deliver rich 2D and 3D graphics and responsive, high-fidelity displays to end-users.

Interested in this solution?

Create a unique user experience and collaborate with no limits with VMware Horizon. Ctelecoms team will set everything up for you and your team in Saudi Arabia, and all you have to do is reach out to us. Just follow the link: https://www.ctelecoms.com.sa/en/Form15/Contact-Us

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