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Office for iOS offers productivity on the go!

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Today Ctelecoms is proud to introduce users to Office for iOS! Office for iOS allows users to share documents using your apple iPhone or iPad!

Get started with Office for iOS

To get started with Office for iOS, sign in with your Microsoft account by entering your email and password and the page will take you directly to the sign up page. If you don't have one then you will be guided through the sign up process to create your new Microsoft account.

It's Free!

Yes it's entirely free! Once Office for iPhone and iPad is installed onto your device, you will be able to view all files and documents in high definition. You will also be able to edit files OneDrive for Personal, Dropbox for Personal and iCloud for free.

To edit files you won't need a subscription, however if your account already comes with one, you will enjoy more features. To start a subscription click upgrade in the Account tab!

Open your files everywhere, anywhere!

Office for iOS allows users to access files from OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox and iCloud, just click open then add location. You can also open your documents from any third party storage service by clicking more in the open tab!

Documents that are stored in OneDrive and SharePoint provide you with innovative features such as co-authoring and easy-share, and OneDrive for Personal is available in all Microsoft accounts.

Seamless experience!

For anyone running Office on more than one device, you will enjoy the recently used and welcome back features which both provide a seamless experience!

Recently used files

If you are working on a file at work and wish to continue working on the same file from your phone, the recent tab in Office displays the file you have just been working on at the top of your phone by syncing it across devices, that is if the file/document is stored in OneDrive for SharePoint. You can also pin certain files or documents and keep them positioned at the top of your screen using Office for iPhone/iPad!

Pick up where you left off!

The welcome back pop up takes you back to the last PowerPoint or word document. Document stored in SharePoint or OneDrive which takes you directly back to the reading position you were working on last regardless of the device you were using.

Work everywhere

Office for iOS allows you to work on your files when offline. And any changes you make to the file will be automatically saved once the device is online! The green badge at the top indicates that the file is available for editing.

Collaboration—easy share

Click on the share icon (from the Open/Recent tab) to share any files stored to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and Share Point!

If you have a file stored in your iOS device, you can share it by uploading it to a cloud location, follow these steps to find out how this is done:

  • Click the file action
  • Click move to cloud.
  • Choose one of the following as your location: OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

Outlook attachment quick edit

This is a cool new feature which allows you to open file attachments from Office in outlook by simple opening the file in the office app and editing it directly, after you've finished, simple click on the black button and it will be saved as a draft in Outlook. It's as simple as that!  So now you don't have to go through having to download your file, then editing it and saving your edits then resending it. 

Productivity everywhere!

Office for iOS is providing a new look adjusted for your iPhone and iPad, so what are you waiting for? Get Office for iOS from the APP store today and start collaborating today!

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