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A solution to every problem: Meet our Power Apps gallery | Part II

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In today’s business world, tasks can get really overwhelming sometimes, with workloads getting bigger by the second, and new employees joining your team. 

How can you help each and every department in your organization to keep everything under control? 

It’s simple, adopt automation through simple applications with easy-to-grasp UI that can make a difference for your team. 

When Microsoft introduced PowerApps back in 2017, opened a portal for business owners and administrators that allows them to gain full control using the Power Platform. 

And Ctelecoms made sure to create the products you simply need. 

So, let’s take a look together at some of the featured PowerApps that we believe would be a great addition to your work environment. 

You can visit part I through this link: A solution to every problem: Meet our Power Apps gallery

Feedback Collector

A smart way that would make collection feedback on your products and services feel like a breeze. This application will be so helpful for the administration, sales, and marketing departments.

Having the following features:

  • Guaranteed excellent service through easy-to-follow feedback 
  • Sharing collected data with your team to enhance the customer experience
  • Directly capture the customer opinion of the quality of your services

Issue Reporting

This app is dedicated to the administration department and aims to keep your work environment running smoothly by solving routine issues quickly and efficiently. 

Issue reporting app features: 

  • Review and report team issues 
  • Manage resolutions easily
  • Report issues and assign the right staff to solve them
  • Pre-configure question forms to easily identify and problem


Both administration and security departments can make use of this app. 

CheckIns provides your first-line workers with an easy way to communicate and check-in with their updated status. 

It combines the following features:

  • The ability to access all the information about the team in one place and track progress 
  • Automate operation workflow
  • Get task updates and check-ins
  • The ability to check-in with real-time photos, locations and other details

Document Approval

This application is not restricted to one department, and everyone in your organization can find it useful. Document approval is designed to allow admins to view and review all their team-related documents and determine the approval process for each of these teams. 

In a nutshell, it’s a tool to help you keep all documents organized while gaining full control. 

The following features are included: 

  • View and edit all team-related Office docs right from the app
  • Choose who can approve, all assigned people or the first one to see
  • Assign the approval process by Teams or via email

HR Bot

We all know how the HR team always have so much on their tables! And this application is designed especially for them to help them overcome time-consuming obstacles. 

This app automates tasks that are usually the responsibility of the HR department and makes the workflow move uninterrupted. 

make use of these features: 

  • Allow employees to ask questions directly and receive sufficient answers
  • Answer most asked HR questions in no time
  • Reduce the number of HR support by 20 to 35% 

Why Ctelecoms PowerApp Gallery?

It’s simple, all you need and more is available! We have designed many applications to ensure your business and team’s growth with easy interfaces while keeping it all cost-efficient. 

You can visit our store and take a look at our products and applications and request a demo to test the apps within Team’s environment: https://store.ctelecoms.com.sa/en/page382/Ctelecoms_Power_App_Gallery

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