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4 Microsoft Azure Cloud Management Tips

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Although it's been there for quite some time now, still, the public cloud can be a little intimidating for any IT team! 

Microsoft, like the other major cloud providers, has a broad range of tools and services organizations can benefit from to gain insights into their environments.

However, with so many options to choose from, successful Azure cloud management doesn't always seem achievable.

That's why we gathered 4 Microsoft Azure tips for you to help you through your cloud management process. 

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Deploy Azure low-priority Virtual Machines

You can cut costs by turning to Azure low-priority Virtuals Machines, which make underutilized capacity available at a cheaper price than on-demand instances, though not without limitations.

The VMs that are not in use are designed for workloads that can handle distributions due to the fact they may not always be available. 

However, low-priority VMs offer considerable savings that would make the IT team work more efficiently.

How to utilize the Azure logging services and when?

Azure logging options can be divided into three types as well as eight log categories. The data collected by Microsoft Azure logs enable enterprises to monitor resources and help identify potential system breaches. 

Logs can be of significant help when it comes to successful cloud management where Azure users gain the ability to access a variety of native logging services to keep reliable and secure operations.

Explore Azure interface options for cloud developers

Nowadays, we have so many cloud interface options to choose from and it can be quite challenging to choose the best ones to work perfectly with your enterprise-specific needs. 

Azure provides multiple interface options, such as Azure Cloud Shell and the Azure portal, to aid development, deployment and management.

Not to mention that users can decide the best way to interact with Microsoft Azure, whether using PowerShell or its platform-agnostic command-line interface tools. 

Microsoft Azure AD complements Active Directory

Don't mix the two up! We have Azure AD and Active Directory. 

Azure's identity and access management service, offers sign-in capabilities and access to a combination of resources.

While most IT providers are familiar with the company's on-premises model, Active Directory, Azure AD is not a carbon copy nor is it a competitor.

Instead, these two services should be used together, extending Active Directory's capabilities to the cloud harnessing the Power of Azure to ensure best practices and results for your organization. 

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Let Our Team Take Care of Your Cloud Problems!

Cloud management can be very challenging, and at the same time, it's a necessity for any organization in the modern business world. 

Don't add load on your IT team and let us handle the set up, the update, and the consultation when it comes to Microsoft Azure, just contact our team and we'll be more than happy to help you through the process: https://www.ctelecoms.com.sa/en/Form15/Contact-Us

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