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An alternative approach to accomplish tasks without coding with Microsoft Power Platform Copilot

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After OpenAI released GPT-4, there was a lot of talk online about Microsoft, which is a major investor in the company that created ChatGPT. Microsoft recently incorporates new technologies from OpenAI into their products, such as Bing search, Edge browser, and Office 365. Although we don't know how long it will take for AI to replace office workers, it can already be a valuable assistant. Microsoft recently announced a new feature called Power Platform Copilot, which uses AI to help developers build apps. With Copilot, developers can describe the app they want to create in natural language, and the tool will generate the code for the UI, data table, and business logic. Copilot can even suggest ways to improve the app during the creation process. This feature is available in Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate, and can be used to create complex processes and robots using natural language.


With the Power Platform Copilot, developers can simply use natural language to describe their app, and then Power Apps will handle the rest. This means that not only will it generate code for the user interface, but it will also create the data table and business logic.

For example, if a user wants to create an app for onboarding new workers that includes collecting data on new hires and providing training materials and modules, Copilot can generate the entire app in one go. Users can further customize the app by interacting with Copilot, such as adding new columns to the data table or inserting sample data. Copilot can even suggest ways to improve the app if any issues arise during the creation process.


Power Automate previously announced its capability to create automated processes through natural language, however, these processes were limited to simple tasks. However, with the introduction of Power Automate Copilot, complex processes can now be created using natural language without any Power Automate expertise. Copilot can also optimize and update the process in a conversational manner. As a result, users can now create any process without requiring specialized Power Automate knowledge. In addition, users can utilize the GPT model to produce text content on the Power Automate Desktop. Moreover, the new Azure OpenAI service in AI Builder can now be used in Power Automate Desktop.


Users simply have to input a website URL to link their Power Virtual Agents to website material, a knowledge base, and other information, enabling GPT to create responses. This allows companies to integrate bots with different product Q&A knowledge bases and provide Q&A assistance to their customers.


With Power Virtual Agents Copilot, users can now utilize natural language to articulate the process of the robot. Users can simply engage in a dialogue where they describe what they want the robot to do.

There is also a small update to Power Virtual Agents, which means it can now be integrated into Power Apps.

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