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Microsoft improve Excel 2016 with outstanding updates!

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Ctelecoms is thrilled to inform you all on Microsoft’s new updates in Power Pivot for Excel 2016 as well as plenty of enhancements for better user experience!

You can now save and manage all your relationship diagrams as pictures in Excel 2016 by clicking File in the power pivot add-in and then saving view as picture.

You can also directly edit your relationship dialogues for more precise and faster data relationships in excel 2016!

And that’s not all, here are some of Microsoft’s enhancements regarding editing your relationship dialogues:

  • Type the first letter of a table to move the column beginning with letter you have typed.
  • To move a column, type the first letter of the column name, and then type it again for the next column that starts with the same letter.
  • Tales who carry the identical names will be auto selected.

As for Microsoft’s additional enhancements in Excel 2016:

  • You can now work with hidden workbooks without risking Power Pivot data model loss.
  • Updating to Excel 2016 from Excel 2010 workbook with a data model is now available.
  • Calculated columns can now be added in Power Pivot.

Please note that if the calculated columns contain a formula, it cannot be added in Power pivot.

Get the latest updates today by installing the updates listed below! (Please note to install the right update):

  • KB3114374—Office 2016 Excel update from December 8, 2015.
  • KB3114297—Office 2016 Power Pivot in Excel from December 8, 2015.

 You can visit Power Pivot and the Analysis Services Engine in Excel 2016 fixes for more details and tell us what you think of all these awesome new experiences in Microsoft’s  Excel UserVoice !

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