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Cisco's Advanced Generative AI Technology: Transforming the Future of Work

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Cisco has announced that it is transforming the concept of work through the utilization of advanced generative AI technology. With the integration of large language models (LLMs) into its Collaboration and Security portfolios, Cisco intends to assist organizations in enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows for their employees.

 As per the 2023 State of Global Innovation Study by Cisco, IT professionals have identified generative AI as the technology that is expected to have the most substantial impact on their businesses. 85% of these professionals have reported that they are ready to embrace the potential of this technology. In recognition of the pivotal role that generative AI will play in shaping the future of work, Cisco is dedicated to empowering hybrid workers with a work experience that is secure, efficient, and promotes productivity.

Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Security and Collaboration at Cisco, has stated that generative AI is set to become ubiquitous as more businesses and workers adopt the technology to increase their productivity. He further added that Cisco has been leveraging AI for several years now and is excited to unveil how it is integrating generative AI into its existing products to enable customers to achieve tangible benefits and unlock the most secure and unparalleled work experiences.

Moving Security from Complex to Conversational:

Cisco continues to invest in state-of-the-art innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that will enhance the capabilities of security personnel by streamlining operations and boosting effectiveness. In line with its Security Cloud strategy, Cisco has unveiled a sneak peek of its latest generative AI capabilities, which are designed to simplify policy management and enhance threat response. These developments exemplify Cisco's commitment to providing cutting-edge, AI-powered security solutions that offer a seamless and comprehensive protection against emerging cyber threats.

Creating and managing effective security policies is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity hygiene, but it can be a highly intricate and challenging process. Even minor modifications to existing rules can be time-consuming and technically demanding, leaving little room for error. The sheer volume, inconsistency, and complexity of maintaining policies across multiple systems pose a significant risk and can expose organizations to potential attacks. As a result, organizations must prioritize policy management and invest in technologies that simplify the process while ensuring comprehensive security coverage.

To tackle this challenge, the Cisco Security Cloud will utilize a generative AI Policy Assistant, which will empower IT and security administrators to create detailed security policies and assess the most effective ways to implement them across various aspects of their security infrastructure.

Augmenting Analysts with Machine Speed and Scale


In security operations, detecting and responding to threats is a crucial and intricate task that requires quick action. Analysts must comprehend complex systems on a large scale in a short amount of time.

The Security Operations Center (SOC) Assistant by Cisco is designed to assist security analysts in making timely and informed decisions.

The SOC Assistant will provide a comprehensive situation analysis for analysts, correlating intel across the Cisco Security Cloud platform solutions, relaying potential impacts, and providing recommended actions. This tool significantly reduces the response time of SOC teams to potential threats.

Cisco is a global technology leader that provides secure connectivity solutions to enable endless possibilities. At Ctelecoms, as a Premier Cisco Partner, our mission is to facilitate an inclusive future for everyone by assisting our clients in reimagining their applications, enabling hybrid work, ensuring enterprise security, transforming their infrastructure, and achieving their sustainability objectives.

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